How to Cheer on the Training Militia Diablo 4 – Raising Spirits Quest

How to Cheer on the Training Militia Diablo 4 - Raising Spirits Quest

Welcome to our in-depth guide to one of Diablo 4’s engaging side quests: “Raising Spirits.” This quest involves an intriguing element of game play, cheering on the training militia, adding a refreshing twist to the dark fantasy universe of Diablo 4. This guide will lead you through each step of the quest, enabling you to effectively complete the mission and enhance your Diablo 4 experience.

Raising Spirits Quest

Preparing for the Raising Spirits Quest

In the realm of Diablo 4, the “Raising Spirits” quest takes you to the town of Kyovashad. It’s near the iconic World Tier Statue, a key landmark in the game. To embark on this journey, you will need to seek out Guard Boza.

The Guard, marked with a blue exclamation on the map, waits for you in the northeastern part of town. Upon your meeting, Boza will task you with motivating the training militia, setting you on a path to your mission.

Locating the Training Militia

Finding the training militia may seem like a daunting task, but fear not. Marked on your map, you’ll find them situated within a short walk north, in a place marked by a blue circle – the barracks. Among the ambient noise, you’ll hear the clatter of weapons against training dummies and the flickering brazier’s comforting warmth.

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How to Use Emotes in Diablo 4

One key aspect of the Diablo 4 gameplay that stands out is the emote system. By pressing the “E” key on your keyboard or the upward arrow on your controller, you can access a wheel of expressive emotes. Selecting the right emote can often seem tricky, but with the right touch on the mouse or controller, you can easily scroll through the options. Here, amidst the varied emotes, is where you’ll find the “Cheer” emote, a pivotal tool for the Raising Spirits quest.

Cheering on the Training Militia in Diablo 4

Cheering on the Training Militia in Diablo 4

With the cheer emote equipped, you’re set to inspire the training militia in Diablo 4. Position your character near the eager soldiers at the barracks, unleash the cheer emote, and watch as your character’s fist rises in the air, followed by a hearty “Well Done” that resounds across the training ground. The cheer emote, a symbol of encouragement, rejuvenates the morale of the training militia, edging them on in their efforts.

Completing the Raising Spirits Quest

Once you’ve cheered on the training militia, it’s time to head back to Guard Boza. Your return will be met with a rewarding conversation, as Boza thanks you for your uplifting gesture. This marks the completion of the quest, and your efforts are not without reward. Boza presents you with a generous amount of gold and experience points, taking you a step further in your Diablo 4 journey.

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Application to Other Diablo 4 Quests

The beauty of Diablo 4 lies in its intricacies, and the emote system extends beyond the “Raising Spirits” quest. Whether it’s in quest like Secret of the Spring Quest, equipping and using the right emote can often be the key to progression. This engaging feature enhances the game’s immersive experience, providing another layer to the rich world of Diablo 4.

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