Cursed Scroll Vendor Guide and Location Diablo 4

Cursed Scroll Vendor Guide and Location Diablo 4

Within the captivating realm of Diablo 4, a game rich with vibrant landscapes and ferocious enemies, certain non-player characters (NPCs) stand out. One such character is the Diablo 4 Cursed Scroll Vendor. The vendor holds a unique position within the game, selling goods associated with Player vs. Player (PvP) encounters, such as the intriguing Cursed Scrolls.

Unlike other vendors, the Cursed Scroll Vendor exclusively accepts Red Dust as payment, and interestingly, does not engage in trade by purchasing items from players. This fascinating character brings a unique dynamic to the gaming experience.

Understanding Cursed Scrolls

Cursed Scrolls are more than just artifacts; they’re specialized Magic Scrolls available only at the Diablo 4 Cursed Scroll Vendor. As objects of mystic power, they are wielded exclusively within the perilous domain known as the Fields of Hatred. Buying these Scrolls requires a unique currency – Red Dust. Players should be prepared for a whirlwind of outcomes, as Cursed Scrolls are known to produce a range of effects, some beneficial, some potentially detrimental.

PvP Scrolls, like their Cursed counterparts, are another variety of magical items available for purchase from the Cursed Scroll Vendor. These scrolls come into play specifically within the Fields of Hatred, shedding light on their PvP nature.

As with Cursed Scrolls, purchasing these requires the currency known as Red Dust. The diversity of PvP Scrolls introduces an array of effects, which can dramatically change the course of a battle in the Fields of Hatred.

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Red Dust, an exclusive currency within the universe of Diablo 4, holds the key to acquiring Cursed Scrolls. Players can secure this sought-after currency through engaging in Diablo 4’s Endgame PvP within the PvP Zones, or by refining Seeds of Hatred at the Altar of Extraction.

Red Dust does more than just open doors to Cursed Scrolls; it’s also used for buying unique items from the Red Dust Merchants, easily identifiable through a small symbol at the corner of their icon.

Vendor Locations: Where to Find the Cursed Scroll Vendor

Dry Steppes Cursed Scroll Vendor
Kehjistan Cursed Scroll Vendor

The Cursed Scroll Vendor isn’t tied down to one place. You can find them within the Field of Hatred zones of the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan regions. But that’s not all, they’re also known to set up shop around PvP Zones within the Fields of Hatred.

Other hotspots for finding vendors include large cities, settlements, waypoints, capitals, and most notably, the main city of Kyovashad. To aid your search, the map will display a unique cursed scroll merchant icon signaling the presence of the Vendor. NPCs like Gantul and Salmin manage these shops and await your visit.

Cursed Scroll of Recklessness: Increases movement speed by 40% for 15 seconds, but deals 2% of your Maximum Life as bleed damage per second. 5m Cooldown. Cost 800 Red Dust.

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Cursed Scroll of Tranquility: Decreases damage taken from players by 30%, but increases damage taken from monsters by the same amount. Lasts for 20 seconds. 5m Cooldown. Cost 800 Red Dust.

Cursed Scroll of Chaos: Teleport to a random location in the region. 5m Cooldown. Cost 1200 Red Dust.

Comparing Cursed Scrolls to Regular Scrolls

Regular Scrolls, unlike their Cursed siblings, offer more flexibility. They can be utilized anywhere in the game, proving particularly useful in Hardcore mode. Unlike Cursed Scrolls, which are bought, Regular Scrolls are rare drops from vanquished monsters.

But while they share similarities, their primary difference lies in their applications and effects. Cursed Scrolls, used exclusively in PvP encounters, have an unpredictable mix of positive and negative effects, bringing an exciting element of surprise to battles in the Fields of Hatred.

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