Diablo 4 Best Gems for Each Class

Diablo 4 Best Gems for Each Class

In the realm of Diablo 4, choosing the right gems is a strategic endeavor that can make a significant difference to the performance of your chosen class. The diversity of gems and the customization they offer allows players to truly adapt their characters to their playstyle.

In the intricate universe of Diablo 4, the correct gem selection becomes paramount as it helps to enhance your build and maximize your character’s potential. Let’s delve into the optimal gem choices for each class and understand how these choices can give you a competitive edge.

Best Gems for Barbarian

Barbarian Class Diablo 4

The Barbarian class in Diablo 4 thrives on close-combat, meaning their choice of gems is centered around enhancing their already potent offense and defense. Emeralds have a special place in the Barbarian’s arsenal. When placed in armor, they amplify thorn value, essentially causing the enemies to take damage when they attack you. Embedded in weapons, emeralds increase critical strike damage, a characteristic that complements the Barbarian’s aggressive combat style.

Rubies are another gem type that Barbarians find advantageous. With rubies slotted in armor, they experience a boost in maximum life, a feature that directly improves their survivability in close quarters. In weapons, rubies enhance overpower damage and improve fury generation, adding more depth to the Barbarian’s combat potency.

But it’s not just about the offensive for this class. Skulls contribute significantly to a Barbarian’s resilience by increasing healing received in armor and regenerating life with each kill when inserted in weapons. This gem also provides extra armor points when embedded in jewelry, thus boosting the Barbarian’s overall survivability.

Topaz gems, while not the most apparent choice for Barbarians, offer interesting options. In weapons, they can enhance basic skills, offering a unique dynamic to the Barbarian’s playstyle. These gems can also be used in armor for damage reduction and in weapons for a better lucky hit chance.

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Occasionally, Barbarians may also turn to Amethysts for damage over time in weapons and Sapphires to increase the critical strike chance, offering another layer of customization for this class.

Best Gems for Druid

Druid Diablo 4

Druids in Diablo 4 are versatile, capable of transitioning between a shapeshifting form and a caster form. The choice of gems for this class is therefore varied and dependent on the build in use. For instance, rubies in weapons help with resource generation, a feature critical to maintaining the Druid’s combat capability. Amethysts in armor enhance damage reduction, fortifying the Druid’s resilience in battle. Additionally, diamonds in jewelry offer elemental resistance, a crucial benefit in the face of magic-based attacks.

Gems for shapeshifting builds might differ from those for caster-specific builds. Generally, the choice of gems plays a vital role in fortifying the Druid and maximizing its battle prowess, whether in caster form or shapeshifting mode.

Best Gems for Necromancer

Necromancer Diablo 4

The Necromancer class in Diablo 4, known for their ability to control the dead, also has specific gem preferences. For weapons, Sapphires and Amethysts are the gems of choice. The former enhances critical strike damage, while the latter contributes to damage over time.

Armor gems for Necromancer class typically lean towards Sapphires for damage reduction and Rubies for an increase in maximum life. This combination improves their survivability and keeps them in the fight longer. Jewelry for Necromancers is best paired with Diamonds, known for their ability to offer elemental resistance.

For different Necromancer builds, there are various strategies involving gems. In certain scenarios, Emeralds can be used in jewelry slots to enhance critical strike chance or in armor for additional survivability.

Best Gems for Rogue

Rogue Class Diablo 4

The Rogue class, which excels in speed and precision, values certain gem types in Diablo 4. Emeralds are a prime choice for the Rogue class. Their ability to increase damage over time when slotted into weapons, or boost dexterity when inserted into armor, makes them a key asset. Additionally, placing Diamonds into jewelry offers much-needed resistance, fortifying the Rogue’s defenses.

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Topaz gems in weapons can enhance the damage of basic attacks, a characteristic that aligns well with the Rogue’s speedy offense. When inserted into armor, Topaz gems enhance shadow power, improving the Rogue’s stealth and agility.

Different Rogue builds might also require different gems. However, the overall objective remains the same: to maximize the Rogue’s swiftness, stealth, and damage output.

Best Gems for Sorcerer


Gems are integral to unlocking the full potential of Sorcerers in Diablo 4. Sapphire, Diamond, Topaz, and Inferno are the recommended gems for this class.

Sapphire gems take the center stage when it comes to weapon gems for Sorcerers. They increase Critical Strike Damage against enemies affected by crowd control abilities. This synergizes exceptionally well with Sorcerers who rely on crowd control effects like Slow and Dazed to incapacitate their foes. Additionally, Sapphire gems significantly boost your damage output against these crowd-controlled enemies.

Diamond gems shine in both armor and weapon sockets for Sorcerers. In armor sockets, Diamonds increase Barrier Generation, bolstering your defensive capabilities. Meanwhile, in weapon sockets, Diamonds enhance the damage of your ultimate skill, Inferno. As Inferno is frequently used in combat, buffing its damage output can make a substantial difference in your effectiveness.

Topaz gems offer versatility for Sorcerers, as they can be equipped in both weapons and armor. In weapon sockets, Topaz increases Basic Skill Damage, empowering your primary attacks. In armor sockets, Topaz reduces the damage taken from enemy’s crowd control abilities, providing valuable damage mitigation when you find yourself under the effects of crowd control.

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