Diablo 4 Download and Install Size: PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Diablo 4 Download and Install Size PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

In the realm of modern gaming, one highly-anticipated title is Diablo 4. This addition to the well-loved franchise brings with it not only immersive gameplay and stunning graphics but also substantial storage requirements.

Understanding these requirements is vital for gamers to fully prepare their gaming devices. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the download and install sizes of Diablo 4 across various platforms – PC, PlayStation, and Xbox – enabling gamers to get ready for the game’s launch.

Diablo 4 Download and Install Size: PC

The PC version of Diablo 4 presents some noteworthy details when it comes to download size. If you’re aiming to fully enjoy the game’s high-resolution assets, prepare for a hefty download size of 84.40 GB. These high-resolution assets contribute significantly to the game’s impressive visual experience, making Diablo 4 a standout title in the genre.

However, for gamers running a more modest PC setup, there’s an alternative. Diablo 4 without the high-resolution assets requires only 46 GB of download space. This trimmed-down version ensures you can still immerse yourself in the thrilling Diablo 4 gameplay without straining your storage resources.

Regardless of the version, whether you opt for high-resolution graphics or not, you need to allocate at least 90 GB of available space on your SSD or HDD for Diablo 4. Remember that this requirement holds true regardless of your other system specifications.

The specifics may vary slightly depending on your system’s configuration, but 90 GB remains a solid benchmark for space allocation when preparing for Diablo 4 download and install.

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Diablo 4 Download and Install Size: PlayStation

Switching gears to PlayStation, Diablo 4 has varying download sizes depending on whether you are using a PS4 or PS5. For the next-gen console, the PS5, the Diablo 4 download size, including the high-resolution assets, amounts to 75 GB. This hefty size is due to the inclusion of high-resolution assets to fully utilize the powerful hardware of the PS5.

If you’re running the game on a PS4, Diablo 4’s download size is significantly less – a total of 40 GB. This difference can be attributed to the absence of high-resolution assets, which are not as necessary for the older PS4 system.

Interestingly, PS5 players have an added advantage. They can choose between downloading the full 75GB version or the smaller PS4 version. This flexibility allows gamers to balance their gaming experience with the available storage on their console.

While Blizzard Entertainment and Sony have yet to publish an official Diablo 4 download and install size for PlayStation, there’s an indication from the Diablo 4 beta that the full version would likely require just over 76 GB. Therefore, PlayStation gamers can expect a similar space requirement upon the full release of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Download and Install Size: Xbox

For Xbox gamers, Diablo 4 also offers varied download sizes depending on the console generation. Owners of the Xbox Series X|S can expect a download size in the range of 75 to 80 GB, incorporating the high-resolution assets to fully maximize the capabilities of these next-generation consoles.

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On the other hand, Xbox One owners can anticipate a Diablo 4 download size of around 40 GB. This version does not include high-resolution assets, keeping the size more manageable for the older console. Similar to PlayStation users, gamers on the Xbox Series X|S also have the choice of which version they wish to download, adding an element of flexibility to their gaming experience.

In terms of storage space, Xbox users need to reserve approximately 80 GB for Diablo 4. While this is slightly less than the space required on PC, it is still substantial and should be factored into any considerations about available storage.

Pre-loading Diablo 4

Given the substantial storage requirements of Diablo 4, it’s advisable for players to pre-load the game. Pre-loading allows you to download the game before its official release, ensuring you are ready to dive into the gameplay as soon as it becomes available. This is particularly beneficial for Diablo 4, which has an official release date of June 6, 2023.

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