Everliving Aspect Diablo 4: Location

Everliving Aspect Diablo 4 Location
Everliving Aspect Diablo 4

Legendary Aspect

You take [20-25%] less damage from Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies.



Allowed Item Types:

Chest Armor
Amulet (Power increased by 50%)


Extracting from a Legendary Item

What is Everliving Aspect

Everliving Aspect in Diablo 4 is classified as a Defensive Aspect. This indicates that it plays a crucial role in your defense strategies throughout the game. Specifically, this Aspect contributes significantly to taking less damage as Sorceress in Diablo 4.

The Everliving Aspect functions is: You take [20-25%] less damage from Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies.

How to Get the Everliving Aspect: Location

The Everliving Aspect in Diablo 4 can be found randomly on any Legendary Item.

Entering World Tier 3 or above could boost your chances to get the Everliving Aspect. World Tier 3 is accessible after the completion of the main campaign.

In these higher tiers, the Legendary Drop rate increases, and hence, the possibility of landing the Everliving Aspect increases. Despite this, the exact drop isn’t guaranteed.

Every Legendary item in Diablo 4 shares a table with Legendary Affixes, including the Everliving Aspect. Every Legendary item you get could potentially have this Aspect. However, Unique Items are the exception, as they always carry a specific affix.

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Once you’ve obtained the Everliving Aspect, it’s time to imprint it onto your gear. You can do this at the Occultist, the same character where you do extraction. However, keep in mind that the extracted Aspect can only be used once.

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