Diablo 4 How to change Player Title

Diablo 4 How to change Player Title

In the vast universe of Diablo 4, a player’s identity is more than just their character’s name. An additional way to express yourself in this enthralling game is through the Player Title, a two-word descriptor that can set your character apart and indicate your preferred style of play.

Unique to each player, this feature grants you the opportunity to stand out in Sanctuary. Intriguingly, Diablo 4 Titles are a dynamic feature that you can modify at any point in your gameplay. Let’s unravel how to equip these titles and delve deeper into this distinctive element of Diablo 4.

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What are Diablo 4 Titles

Player Title is an optional yet engaging feature in Diablo 4, offering an extra layer of personalization to your gaming character. Unlike your character’s name, which is set in stone once chosen, the Player Title is fluid and can be altered according to your preference at any given time.

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Displayed just beneath your character’s name in the Character window, the Player Title is an additional name that can be seen by other players. This creates an opportunity for you to stand out or demonstrate a favored style of play, despite it not having any practical game use.

Titles are not just for personal satisfaction. Once equipped, all other players in the game can see your new title displayed above your character as you navigate through the rich world of Sanctuary. This additional layer of identity lets you stand out among fellow players.

How to Change a Title in Diablo 4

How to Change a Title in Diablo 4

If you’re wondering how to equip your character with a Player Title in Diablo 4, the process is fairly simple. First, you need to access the Character/Inventory screen. From there, locate and select the Profile option, situated in the top left corner, right below your character’s name. This takes you to your character’s Profile screen.

Here, you can spot an Edit prompt at the bottom. Clicking this Edit prompt will navigate you to the Edit Profile page, where the magic happens. You can equip titles from the list, presented as Prefix and Suffix options. After making your selection, you can confirm it, thus enabling the new title for your character.

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In the title selection interface, you will notice titles listed alphabetically at the top. These are the titles you’ve already unlocked and are ready to use. However, don’t get disheartened if you see a few locked ones. These are titles that are yet to be unlocked, and you will come across them as you progress in the game.

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Emblem Selection

Beyond titles, Diablo 4 also provides additional customization options like emblem selection. You can find the Emblem tab on the Character Menu, right next to the Title tab. From the array of emblems you’ve unlocked, pick the one you like the most and confirm your choice. Although emblems might not be as eye-catching as titles, they add a fun, personalized touch to your social card.

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