How to Claim Diablo 4 pre-order Bonus

How to Claim Diablo 4 pre-order Bonus

Delving into the epic world of Diablo 4 brings along an array of exhilarating perks, one of which includes the elusive pre-order bonus. This bonus, known for its wide variety of items such as mounts, mount armor, and more, creates a magnetic pull towards the game.

The accessibility of these bonus items for all characters linked to a player’s account adds another layer of allure to the Diablo 4 pre-order Bonus. But how exactly does one claim this coveted Diablo 4 pre-order bonus? Let’s explore.

Understanding Diablo 4 Preorder Bonus Items

Pre-order bonus items in Diablo 4 elevate the gaming experience, making every step of the journey truly worthwhile. These bonus items primarily include mounts and mount armor, adding an element of style and advantage to the gameplay. All characters on a player’s account can enjoy these exclusive items, weaving an intricate thread of connectivity and uniformity within the game.

Gaining Access to Preorder Bonus Items

Gaining access to the pre-order bonus in Diablo 4 involves more than just clicking a button. A series of steps and progressions are required to claim your Diablo 4 pre-order bonus, each more exciting than the last.

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To unlock these fascinating bonus items, you need to journey through the story until you reach the commencement of Act 4. During this voyage, Act 3 plays a pivotal role as it hosts the crucial Mount: Donan’s Favor quest. While the journey to complete Act 3 is time-consuming, the anticipation of acquiring the pre-order bonus keeps the excitement alive.

How to Access the Preorder Bonus

Upon reaching the start of Act 4, you will find Stable Master Oskar at the Kyovashad Stables, who is the key to accessing your bonus items. A simple interaction with him, followed by the dialogue “I’m a friend of Donan’s. He said you could provide a horse,” is all it takes. Talking to Oskar opens up the door to your pre-order bonuses, which you can revisit anytime for more.

How to Use Pre-order Wings of the Creator Emote in Diablo 4

The pre-order Wings of the Creator emote is another unique feature available in Diablo 4. This emote allows your character to float in the air with angelic wings, a sight to behold. To equip it, open the action wheel, navigate to the customize button, and find the Wings of the Creator emote under the first tab. This is not just an emote; it’s an expression of style and authority that you can use at will.

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Accessing Pre-Order Mounts in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the pre-order mounts form an integral part of the gaming experience. However, accessing these mounts requires a progression through the story, specifically to the end of Act 3. Upon completing this Act, you unlock the “Mount: Donan’s Favor” quest, post which you can claim your first steed. By visiting any of the Stable Masters in towns, you can collect your pre-order mounts or apply mount armor customizations, truly personalizing your experience.

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