How to Get and Farm Paletongue in Diablo 4

How to Get and Farm Paletongue in Diablo 4

When delving into the grim, fantastical world of Diablo 4, one must quickly familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of gameplay. One significant aspect includes understanding various crafting materials such as Paletongue. This guide will lead you through the process of how to get and farm Paletongue in Diablo 4, using it effectively to maximize your gaming experience.

In Diablo 4, Paletongue is a type of crafting material you’ll need to create potent elixirs and potent healing potions. You won’t need to search high and low or fight the fiercest beasts to get your hands on some. Unlike many other elements, Paletongue isn’t a rare drop, making your task considerably easier.

Identifying Enemies and Locations

Harvesting Paletongue comes from an unexpected source: the mouths of slain evil humans. Primarily, Cultists and Cannibals are your main targets. You will encounter these formidable foes in areas like Bloodsoaked Crags, Frozen Tunnels, Steadfast Barracks, and Cultist Refuge.

The vile Arsonist, Captain Willcocks, the sinister Almunn Duke of Shadow, and the fearsome Trembling Mass are among the evil human enemies known to drop this coveted crafting material upon defeat.

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Farming for Paletongue

Farming for Paletongue

Now that you know what you’re looking for and where to find it, the next step is to farm Paletongue effectively. The best places to find and farm Paletongue in Diablo 4 include the Bloodsoaked Crag Dungeon and the Frozen Tunnel cellar. Both locations are teeming with evil human enemies, such as arsonists and cannibals.

Elite foes like the Thundering Marauder, Snowy Marauder, and Bloodthirsty Slicer are also known to drop Paletongue. This farming strategy is not limited to Paletongue alone; collecting other crafting materials like Crushed Beast Bones, Demon’s Heart, Grave Dust, and various herbs is equally beneficial, enhancing your overall gameplay.

How to Use Paletongue in Diablo 4

Harnessing the power of Paletongue goes beyond merely collecting it. You can use this crafting material to upgrade your potions to Strong Healing Potions, enhancing your survivability in the game. It’s also a primary ingredient in crafting different incenses such as the Chorus of War Incense, Soothing Spices Incense, and Spirit Dance Incense, all vital to your success in Diablo 4.

Finding the Alchemist

To tap into the full potential of Paletongue, you’ll need to locate the Alchemist, a non-playable character (NPC) who crafts potions, elixirs, and incense. These Alchemist shops are scattered across Diablo 4’s expansive Sanctuary, with a prominent one located in Kyovashad.

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Crafting with Paletongue

Before diving into the world of crafting with Paletongue, make sure to unlock the Alchemist’s services. The Alchemist can then craft a variety of potent potions and incenses using the Paletongue you’ve worked so hard to farm. Examples of these include the Strong Healing Potion, Chorus of War incense, Soothing Spices incense, and Spirit Dance incense. As with any crafting material, it’s wise to collect Paletongue in bulk.

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