How To Get The Best Legendary Items Fast in Diablo 4

How To Get The Best Legendary Items Fast in Diablo 4

Welcome to the world of Diablo 4, where each player aims to have the strongest character with the best legendary items. This article will guide you through ways to acquire these coveted items quickly, specifically tailored for players around Level 50 or higher who have unlocked World Tier 3 or more.

So, whether you’re trying to enhance your character’s power or simply want to know the most efficient methods, here’s your straightforward guide on how to Diablo 4 get best legendary items.

Understanding the Types of Legendary Items in Diablo 4

The first thing to understand when aiming for the best legendary items is that they come in three main types: Standard, Ancestral, and Sacred Legendaries. It’s important to remember that each item’s value (be it secondary stats, armor values, or weapon DPS) isn’t influenced by the type of aspect (normal, sacred, ancestral).

This versatility means you can imprint these aspects onto all three quality types of items. Among them, Sacred items outperform normal legendaries, and Ancestral legendaries are considered the superior ones.

Your level and the World Tier you’re playing significantly influence the legendary items you’ll receive. But rest assured, even when you progress to higher World Tiers, you can still encounter drops from previous difficulties. This flexibility ensures a varied gameplay experience.

Sources of Legendary Items

If you’re seeking out Diablo 4 legendary items, there are a variety of activities you can engage in. These include exploring the world, joining events like the Tree of Whispers, farming Hell Tied, or defeating World bosses. So, don’t limit yourself, get out there, and engage in the game’s diverse activities.

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Nightmare Dungeons: The Gateway to Quality Drops

If you’re on the hunt for higher-quality legendary items, Nightmare difficulty is your friend. More specifically, Nightmare Dungeons. Compared to Veteran and Adventurer difficulties, Nightmare mode gives a higher chance of obtaining Sacred or Ancestral legendaries, making them efficient farming locations.

Notably, these dungeons are known to give the highest chance of dropping Unique and Legendary items. Starting Nightmare dungeon farming around Tier 3 can provide a significant strength boost and better quality drops. Some recommended dungeons at World Tier 3 and 4 for the best rewards include Aldurwood, Blind Burrows, and Champion’s Demise.

Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons, much like Nephalem Rifts in Diablo 3, are challenging versions of the normal dungeons. These become available in World Tier 3 and can be accessed after completing the campaign and the first Capstone Dungeon. To gain entry, you’ll need to use Nightmare Sigils, consumable items in your inventory that correspond to specific dungeons.

These Nightmare Sigils come with randomly rolled positive and negative affixes. Positive affixes offer advantages like additional frost damage or causing enemies to drop extra gold. Negative affixes, on the other hand, introduce debuffs or challenges such as faster enemy attack speed, higher lightning damage, or unique hindrances like a damaging lightning storm or a following sentient crystal.

Be mindful that Nightmare Dungeons only allow a finite number of revives. If you exceed the limit, you fail the dungeon and are sent back to the overworld. But if you succeed, these dungeons reward you with high-value loot and the chance to upgrade Glyphs. You can also find more Nightmare Sigils at the end of each Nightmare Dungeon, keeping you equipped for more action.

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Before entering these Nightmare Dungeons, obtaining a Nightmare Sigil is a must. You can acquire these through Whispers of the Dead, a straightforward method to prepare for your dungeon raid.

In solo play, a common strategy is waiting for 60 seconds outside the dungeon after clearing it for a reset. If you didn’t clear the entire area, the reset time extends to 1 minute 30 seconds or 150 seconds. An alternative is to log out and back in, potentially placing you on a different server for an instant reset. You can also try killing just the first wave of Elite enemies and exiting the dungeon.

In multiplayer, resetting dungeons involves the party leader leaving the group. Upon their exit, all party members are automatically ejected from the dungeon, which should then be fully reset upon re-entry.

To make Diablo 4 get best legendary items even more fun, the developers have plans to upgrade the Nightmare dungeons. These updates include experience, item quantity, and quality buffs, as well as faster access via direct teleportation.

Engaging in Nightmare dungeon farming not only adds to the game’s enjoyment but also aids in leveling glyphs, thereby boosting your strength. Remember, leveling up glyphs is the only way to advance the Paragon board past the maximum level.

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