How to Get the Moose Mount Scosglen Barding in Diablo 4

How to Get the Moose Mount Scosglen Barding in Diablo 4

Delve into the world of Diablo 4 and embark on an epic quest to acquire one of its most sought-after treasures: the Scosglen Barding, known as the moose mount. Before you set your sights on this unique mount, however, remember that your first task is to unlock the ability to ride mounts within the game.

Methods of Acquiring the Moose Mount

Methods of Acquiring the Moose Mount

Embarking on the journey to obtain the moose mount in Diablo 4, you will quickly learn that luck plays a pivotal role. It’s through the random number generator (RNG) mechanism that players can lay their hands on the coveted Scosglen Barding. Fortunately, you can stack the odds in your favor by focusing on two specific methods: opening Legion Event chests and Helltide chests.

Legion Event chests

Now, what are Legion Event chests, you may ask? These are rewards from regional events that pop up from time to time and are denoted by an orange circle. These events can be tackled solo or together with your friends. Completing a Legion Event, including its bonus challenge, can significantly enhance your chances of acquiring the moose mount in Diablo 4. To further increase your odds, it’s recommended to participate in these events specifically in the Scosglen region.

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Helltide Chests

In addition to Legion Event chests, the Helltide chests also offer an opportunity to acquire the Scosglen Barding. To unlock Helltide events, players must reach World Tier 3. Within these events, you can farm Aberrant Cinders, a unique resource used to unlock Helltide chests. Even though these chests often yield other rewards, there is a sliver of chance that you might find the much-coveted moose mount within. Especially when you participate in Helltide events in the Scosglen region, the odds of finding the mount are notably higher.

World Tiers

When speaking of World Tiers, players have reported that they’ve found the moose mount with greater frequency at World Tiers 3 or 4. However, those courageous enough can also try their luck at World Tier 2, where the armor for the moose mount is rumored to be available, albeit at a more challenging rate.

The Unique Features of Scosglen Barding Mount

The Scosglen Barding is not just an ordinary moose mount. It’s a unique piece of horse armor in Diablo 4, which offers players an exciting opportunity to modify the appearance of their mounts using different armor and skins. Players all around have reported discovering unique variations of mount armor throughout the game, and Scosglen Barding mount armor is one such exhilarating find.

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