How to Get Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4?

How to Get Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

In the engaging world of Diablo 4, a crucial item that stands out among the rest is the Veiled Crystals. This unique crafting and upgrade material plays a significant role in enhancing your gameplay. If you’re aiming to upgrade your gear or create powerful Sigils, getting your hands on Veiled Crystals is an absolute must.

Getting Veiled Crystals through Salvaging

How to Get Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4

Unraveling the mystery of how to obtain Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4 begins with understanding the process of salvaging Rare quality equipment. Within the game’s intricate labyrinth, you’ll stumble upon various Blacksmiths. One such crucial character is Zivek, located in Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks, who can help you salvage your gear.

When you approach a Blacksmith, direct your attention towards the Salvage tab. An intuitive pickaxe icon will greet you, beckoning you to click and select your treasure trove of Rare weapons, armor, and jewelry ready to be salvaged. Should you prefer a more streamlined method, opt for the Rare button under the Salvage by Item Quality menu, leading you straight into the salvage procedure.

In your pursuit to amass Veiled Crystals, it’s crucial to understand the types of gear that will bring you success. Diablo 4 showers you with an array of gear choices, but it’s the Rare gear, with its distinctive yellow shade, that offers you a shot at obtaining Veiled Crystals.

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However, resist the temptation to salvage Regular and Magic gear hoping for Veiled Crystals. These grey and blue-tier equipment, though appealing, will only yield you materials like iron chunks and rawhide. Stick to Rare-tier or higher gear to increase your chances of earning Veiled Crystals.

Decoding Salvage Results

Upon completing your salvage operation, you can access your newly obtained items in the Salvaged Materials box. Veiled Crystals, Iron Chunks, Rawhide, and a slew of other items might make their appearance here.

However, don’t be disheartened if Veiled Crystals don’t show up every time. Diablo 4 makes no promises of guaranteed Veiled Crystals from salvaging rare gear, leaving room for surprises like iron, rawhide, or superior leather.

Usage of Veiled Crystals

Once you’ve gathered enough Veiled Crystals, the next thrilling step is to use them judiciously. The real charm of Veiled Crystals in Diablo 4 comes alive when you upgrade your weapons, armor, and jewelry. Bear in mind, however, that each item can be upgraded only five times, with Veiled Crystals kicking in at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th upgrade levels.

The art of upgrading takes a slightly different turn when it comes to jewelry. Unlike weapons and armor, which are upgraded at a Blacksmith, you’ll need to visit a Jeweler to upgrade your jewelry. Interestingly, the Jeweler’s assistance becomes available only after completing a side quest.

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Alongside their role in upgrading, Veiled Crystals are the primary ingredient in creating Sigils and imprinting Legendary Aspects or Enchanting items in the game. They might not be immediately required for weapon upgrades, but as you aim for higher tiers, their necessity becomes undeniable.

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