How to Highlight All Interactables in Diablo 4

How to Highlight All Interactables in Diablo 4

In the mystical and intricate world of Diablo 4, understanding how to manipulate the game settings to enhance your gameplay experience is key. One such feature is the ability to highlight all interactable objects in the game.

The concept of highlighting in Diablo 4 can be both straightforward and complex. It involves the enabling of player highlight, as well as the color modification of these highlights for better visibility and personal customization.

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Limitations of Highlighting Diablo 4

First and foremost, we need to address a key constraint in Diablo 4, specifically concerning the display of interactable highlights. The game doesn’t allow all interactables to be continuously displayed in highlight.

This might seem limiting, but it is likely a design choice to prevent over-cluttering of the visual field. However, the game does allow for the player highlight to be consistently visible, which can greatly aid in orientation and gameplay.

Enabling Player Highlight

To bring your character into sharp focus, you need to enable the player highlight feature. This can be done via the Gameplay tab that resides in the settings page. In this tab, you’ll find a section dedicated to Highlights. Here is where the magic happens.

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By ticking the box adjacent to “Display Player Highlight”, your avatar comes to life in vibrant light. Always remember to save your changes to solidify this modification. Hitting the “save changes” button at the bottom of the page ensures your preferences are remembered and applied, keeping your character illuminated throughout your adventures.

Changing the Highlight Colors of Interactables

Beyond simply enabling player highlights, Diablo 4 also allows you to switch up the colors of interactable highlights. This can be immensely useful, enabling you to customize your game visuals to your liking.

Similar to enabling player highlight, this modification is also done in the Gameplay tab. Locate the Highlights section, and there, you can change the color of the highlights for any interactable you desire. After you’ve chosen your color scheme, don’t forget to click on “save changes” to implement your color changes.

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