How to Upgrade Healing Potions in Diablo 4

How to Upgrade Healing Potions in Diablo 4

In the adrenaline-pumping world of Diablo 4, Healing Potions play a more significant role than just being health replenishers; they act as crucial lifelines when you are locked in combat with the frightful denizens of the underworld.

The ability to upgrade Healing Potions in Diablo 4 is paramount to improving your health regeneration, thus providing you a vital advantage in those heart-pounding battles.

Healing Potions in Diablo 4

Healing Potions in Diablo 4

As you venture into Diablo 4’s eerie, atmospheric landscapes, you start your journey with four Healing Potions in your inventory. These aren’t just trivial items; they are your lifelines that you can acquire from chests or the remains of defeated enemies.

The use of these Healing Potions is particularly critical when you face formidable boss battles or traverse through long, perilous dungeons. It is evident, therefore, that the more powerful your Healing Potion is, the better your chances of survival in the game.

The act of upgrading Healing Potions in Diablo 4 becomes progressively essential as you climb up the levels. Stronger Healing Potions are a must-have for higher levels, and the benefits they offer aren’t confined to health regeneration.

For instance, waypoints can act as a safety net for a quick escape, and maintaining your gear can significantly increase your staying power during heated battles. It is through the successful upgrade of these Healing Potions that you can stand your ground against Diablo 4’s merciless battles, facing off against Hell’s legions.

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Upgrading Healing Potions in Diablo 4

Level requiredHealing PotionHealing Potion EffectMaterial Cost
Level 1Weak Healing PotionHeals 18 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Level 10Tiny Healing PotionHeals 48 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Gallowvine x2
Level 20Minor Healing PotionHeals 80 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Gallowvine x2
Biteberry x5
400 Gold
Level 30Light Healing PotionHeals 141 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Gallowvine x20
Biteberry x10
Crushed Beast Bones x5
470 Gold
Level 45Moderate Healing PotionHeals 255 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Gallowvine x20
Howler Moss x12
Demon’s Heart x5
900 Gold
Level 60Strong Healing PotionHeals 378 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Gallowvine x27
Reddamine x15
Paletongue x5
1,700 Gold
Level 70Greater Healing PotionHeals 559 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Blightshade x36
Lifesbane x18
Grave Dust x5
Angelbreath x5
2,500 Gold
Level 80Major Healing PotionHeals 827 Life
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Angelbreath x10
Reddamine x27
Biteberry x27
Blightshade x27
Lifesbane x27
Howler Moss x27
Fiend Rose
5,000 Gold
Level 90Superior Healing PotionHeals 1,274 Life instantly
35% Life over 3 seconds.
Forgotten Soul x10
Angelbreath x20
Fiend Rose x10
Grave Dust x20
Blightshade x36
Demon’s Heart x20
Howler Moss x36
12,500 Gold
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As you progress in Diablo 4, the game presents you with the opportunity to upgrade your Healing Potions. You’ll find the Alchemist, marked by a mortar and pestle icon on your map, nestled in the city of Kyovashad.

Depending on the specific potion upgrade, you might require certain ingredients, a stash of gold, or a mix of both. It’s noteworthy that upon reaching certain milestone levels, you’ll receive quests related to upgrading your Healing Potions, granting you an even more robust edge in combat.

Process of Upgrading Healing Potions Diablo 4

Process of Upgrading Healing Potions Diablo 4

While you embark on this rewarding journey, remember that your first Healing Potion, labeled ‘Weak,’ is ripe for an upgrade when you reach level 10. A trip to the Alchemist with two Gallowvine herbs in hand will unlock the ‘Tiny’ healing potion.

By the time you hit level 20, the Alchemist will upgrade your potion to a ‘Minor’ healing potion, provided you have 15 Gallowvine, five Biteberry herbs, and 400 gold. Keep your eyes peeled for these herbs as you wander around Kyovashad and in the wilderness, where they hide in small bushes.

Veroka Diablo 4

Veroka, an alchemist residing in Kyovashad, plays a pivotal role in upgrading your Healing Potions in Diablo 4. Once you reach level 10, a Priority Quest pops up, inviting you to have a word with Veroka.

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It’s through these interactions with Veroka that you can augment the potency of your Healing Potions. It’s a good practice to revisit Veroka every ten levels or so to further upgrade your potions, which will restore more life with each subsequent upgrade.

Additional Healing Potion Charges

As a player in Diablo 4, you will not only start with four Healing Potion charges but also have the potential to gain up to ten charges. This feat is achievable through the accumulation of Renown across Sanctuary.

From uncovering new regions to fulfilling side quests and dungeons, each step you take contributes to your Renown. Once you’ve earned enough, you can claim more Healing Potion charges along with other Renown-related rewards.

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