Diablo 4 Rawhide Locations and Crafting

Diablo 4 Rawhide Locations and Crafting

In the intricate and multifaceted world of Diablo 4, various resources significantly influence your gameplay. One of these indispensable resources is Rawhide. Let’s delve into the depths of Rawhide in Diablo 4, exploring its nature, how to get Rawhides, and its integral role in crafting and upgrading.

What is Rawhide in Diablo 4?

Rawhide, in the landscape of Diablo 4, is a crafting material, specifically a common leather type. It holds considerable value as it serves a multitude of purposes. The primary function of Rawhide is to enhance the armor, thereby providing your character with better protection in the game. This coarse and rugged material is known for its versatility.

Apart from armor, Rawhide can be crafted into different items such as garments, tools, and even toys, specifically for the hounds of Sanctuary, Diablo 4’s world. Its diverse uses and high demand make it a pivotal asset in Diablo 4’s economy.

How to get Rawhide in Diablo 4- Location

Finding Rawhide in Diablo 4 isn’t a challenging task, considering it can be collected from various sources. One prominent way to get Rawhides is by defeating beasts and wildlife that roam the different regions of Sanctuary. Every creature that falls in battle has a chance of dropping Rawhide. This is where strategy comes into play: identifying and targeting creatures known to drop Rawhide can maximize your acquisition.

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Rawhide can also be obtained by salvaging unnecessary armor. The Blacksmith plays a crucial role in this process, assisting you to dismantle your armor effectively. The salvage operation yields Rawhide, but remember, the quantity of Rawhide you obtain depends on the quality of the armor you are salvaging. Higher quality armor gives you a more substantial amount of Rawhide.

Moreover, the game also features Leather Caches, special containers that can reward you with Rawhide and Superior Leather. These caches are an excellent source to supplement your Rawhide collection, enhancing your overall in-game resources.

How to use Rawhide in Diablo 4

Now, you have collected Rawhide, but how do you utilize it effectively? The primary use is to upgrade your armor, fortifying its stats. To upgrade your armor, you would need to visit the Blacksmith, who will guide you through the process. Different levels of armor require different amounts of Rawhide, with the initial levels (from level 1 to level 3) demanding Rawhide specifically.

Besides, Rawhide can be refined into Superior Leather, another essential crafting material. Superior Leather is required for more advanced armor upgrades. This refinement process transforms Rawhide into a magical crafting material that further enriches your armors’ stats.

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