Diablo 4 Renown Guide: How to earn Renown

Diablo 4 Renown Guide: How to earn Renown

As you venture into the mystical realms of Diablo 4, Renown in Diablo 4 becomes a crucial aspect to consider. Renown is a regional point system that rewards the ardent explorers of the game.

Tied to each zone in Sanctuary, Renown plays an integral role in character progression, and earning it becomes an exciting task for the players. This guide is designed to navigate you through the fascinating world of Diablo 4 Renown and offer insights on how to earn and farm Renown effectively.

What is Renown in Diablo 4?

Renown is more than just a points system; it’s a testament to a player’s reputation within Sanctuary’s varied zones. With five stages of rewards waiting to be unlocked, the Renown system plays a critical role in how your character shapes up in the game.

While some of these rewards cater specifically to each character, others are account-wide, providing a strategic blend of individual and overall progress. In essence, the Renown system in Diablo 4 grants players the dual joy of individual accomplishment and collective progress.

How to Earn Renown in Diablo 4?

Renown in Diablo 4 is a reward for your adventurous spirit. Discovering new areas, unearthing Altars of Lilith, activating Waypoints, taking on side quests, delving into dungeons, and overcoming strongholds are all paths that lead to Renown. Each of these activities holds a specific amount of Renown points for you to earn, incentivizing each step you take into the unknown.

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For instance, a stronghold conquered fetches you a whopping 100 Renown points. That’s not to say you should ignore the smaller activities. Unlocking waypoints and finding Altars of Lilith early on can be a quick and effective way to accumulate Renown.

While your Renown grows with each task, keep in mind that it’s set to reset every season alongside the Diablo 4 battle pass, so there’s always a fresh challenge waiting for you.

  • Discovering new areas in a Region (5 Renown)
  • Finding & interacting with Altars of Lilith (10 Renown)
  • Unlocking Waypoints (20 Renown)
  • Completing Side Quests (20 Renown)
  • Completing Dungeons (30 Renown)
  • Complete Strongholds (100 Renown)

How to Farm Renown in Diablo 4

How to Farm Renown in Diablo 4

As you become more invested in your quest to get Renown, you’ll find that some strategies yield better results. Strongholds, although challenging, offer a large chunk of Renown points, so it’s advisable to focus on them early in your journey.

Mapping out a route that combines several objectives can be an efficient way to farm Renown. However, not every task helps in this pursuit. Cellars and events, for instance, are more about gaining loot and experience than contributing to your Renown.

Reaching World Tier 3 is a milestone in the Renown journey. Not only does it unlock stages 4 and 5 of the Renown system, but it also requires you to conquer all three Strongholds in each zone, adding a layer of accomplishment to the task. While the journey to earn Renown is fascinating, rewards that await make it all the more worthwhile.

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Renown Rewards

Each stage of the Renown system brings with it a treasure trove of rewards, neatly categorized into character-specific and account-wide benefits. To claim these rewards, one needs to visit the Region Progress menu and manually redeem them.

As you complete all five stages across all five zones, a windfall of bonus experience, gold, skill points, potion charges, Max Obols, and Paragon Points await you.

Renown Rewards

StageCharacter RewardsAccount Rewards
1.0200 XP
3,000 gold
1 skill point
2.0500 XP
10,000 gold
1 potion charge
3.0800 XP
25,000 gold
1 skill point
4.01,110 XP
60,000 gold
80 max Obols
5.01,500 XP
150,000 gold
4 Paragon points

In Diablo 4’s starting zone, Fractured Peaks, players can already start amassing Renown rewards, making every step of the journey feel rewarding. Each Renown tier brings different bonuses, from gold and skill points to Potion charges and Paragon Points. The latter two tiers require you to reach world tier 3, introducing a new set of challenges and rewards to the game.

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