Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build and Skill Guide

Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build and Guide

Barbarians are an excellent class in Diablo Immortal, capable of clearing hordes of enemies with their Area of Effect abilities. This will allow them to level up and farm at an incredible rate. The barbarians are great because they have crowd control abilities, allowing you to lead your teammates into the battle and tank all of the damage.

Crowd control abilities are also useful when farming and leveling alone. Barbarians are also an excellent buffer because they provide additional speed to the entire group. The only disadvantage of barbarians is that they have a low single target damage output and take damage constantly, so you must be careful with your playstyle and positioning. Overall, playing barbarian will be a lot of fun.

Barbarian leveling

During barbarian leveling, you will constantly receive better gear for the enemies that you destroy. When you get better gear, you must equip it to accelerate your leveling progression. When you pick up a better piece of equipment, your inventory will begin to flash. Remember to level up your gear in the blacksmith to get an extra boost.

We all know that Diablo Immortal will be a pay-to-win game with battle passes available for purchase. You will receive a legendary item in that battle pass, which will greatly increase the strength of your barbarian. Remember to put gems in your gear if you can, and try to find The Remembered, which is the best weapon in the slot for a barbarian.

Barbarian Builds

BuildSkills 1Skills 2Skills 3Skills 4Skills 5
Solo LacerateSprintWhirlwindWrath of the BerserkerHammer of the Ancients
GroupLacerateSprintWhirlwindWrath of the BerserkerDemoralize
RaidFrenzyUndying RageDemoralizeWrath of the BerserkerHammer of the Ancients
RiftsFrenzyUndying RageWhirlwindWrath of the BerserkerHammer of the Ancients
PVPFrenzySprintWhirlwindFurious ChargeUndying Rage

There are a lot of different builds that you can make with Barbarian. Your skill build will be determined by your in-game situation, playstyle, and goal. Here is a list of all the builds you can use with barbarian depending on your goals.

Barbarian Equipment

BuildHelmetChest Shoulders Legs Main Hand Off Hand
Solo Second Breath The Gathering The Coming StormSwiftwing The TempestThe Remembered
GroupBattlemaster Helm The Gathering The Coming StormSwiftwing The TempestFearhammer
Raid Battlemaster Helm Davins Legacy The Coming StormDeterminationStonefall The Remembered
RiftsLasting Hate The Gathering The Coming StormDeterminationThe TempestThe Remembered
PVPSecond Breath The Gathering Broken GraspScreaming Fury The TempestThe Remembered

You can use a variety of equipment in Diablo Immortal, but not all of them are the best. What legendary equipment you equip is determined by the barbarian build you use. Each legendary barbarian equipment is unique and enchants different abilities, so in order to get the most out of your barbarian, you must achieve synergy between your equipment and your build.

Gems for Barbarian

There are many gems in Diablo immortal, and they can be difficult to obtain at times. As a result, you must be aware of the best gems for barbarian.

Trickshot gems: This gem will reduce the amount of energy consumed by your channeling skills and will cause you to take less damage while channeling. It is especially useful if you have a whirlwind build.

Everlasting Torment: This gem is fantastic because when you land a critical hit on an enemy, it will apply the agony buff, which deals damage over time. If the enemy is affected by the agony buff, you will gain additional attack speed.

Fervent Fang: This gem is a great to have if you’re fighting a single target, and you can get it from the battle pass.

Berserker’s Eye: This gem is a useful to have. It will increase your damage, but it will also cause you to take more damage.

Lightening Core: This gem is useful when fighting a group of enemies because it deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Chained Death: This gem is an excellent for increasing your AOE damage output.

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