Diablo Immortal Beginner Guide – Tips and Tricks

Diablo Immortal Beginner Guide - Tips and Tricks

If you are a new player, this Diablo Immortal Beginner’s Guide will help you progress faster and become a powerful player! As a beginner, you have a lot of things to learn, and it can be a lengthy process. But with time and patience, you will learn everything and start dominating. 

Choosing your Class

Choosing your Class in Diablo Immortal

When you log in for the first time you will have to choose one of the 6 character classes at the current state of the game. You can choose either Crusader, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard or Necromancer.

If you want to play an aggressive type of class that will always be in close proximity to the enemy and deals damage from close range, you will either want to go with Crusader, Barbarian, or Monk. A thing worth noting is that all of these classes are melee and if you want to be in the front during the action, in enemies’ faces also taking a less more damage per hit than some ranged classes, these are the classes for you!

If you want to play a bit less action-packed and more opportunistic and calculated type of class that deals ranged damage then you will want to go either with Demon Hunter, Wizard, and most likely a Necromancer being introduced as the third ranged class to bring the balance between melee and ranged playable classes once the game is released globally.

Once you made a choice and chosen the class that you want to play with, you will be able to choose your character’s gender and one of the 3 appearance presets, choose whichever one is to your liking. If you do not know what class to play you can check out Diablo Immortal Class Tier List.

In-game display, systems, and HUD

In-game display, systems, and HUD

Since everything is integrated into a HUD it’s very important to understand it and know how it works, on top of the screen will be a map which when tapped on will open a world map to navigate through, this is naturally one of the most important aspects of every game, and you want to know how to access and navigate through it.

Once you open the map it will display your current location on a smaller scale, in the top left corner you have a “back” button which will take you to the world map, and from there you can see the whole map and every available zone and their required levels.

The next important thing is the Menu button which is located on top of the map, once you open it, you will see the Settings option, your character’s level info, Skill tree, Quest list, Bestiary records, Friend list, Clan menu, Codex, and Shop on the right side of the screen, events and highlights will be on the left side. It’s recommended to immediately go into Settings and turn on “auto pick up items” which will be located in “General” settings.

This option will make you able to just run on top of the items to pick them up instead of manually tapping on them which is extremely useful especially when in battles. The second thing recommended doing is to adjust the game graphics accordingly to the device you are playing on, if you have an older device it would probably be the best both for your battery and processor of the device to lower the quality of graphical settings especially if you are experiencing stuttering or fps drops in more populated areas.

On the left side of your screen, there will be a quick access quest list/Codex with all active quests listed and you can scroll through the list and choose which quest you want to do next, If you tap on the name of the quest footsteps on the floor will appear which will serve you as a pathway to the objective of the quest that you tapped on.

If you don’t like those footsteps displayed and they annoy you, simply tap on the same quest again to remove them. from this same HUD. Once you complete a quest, if you click on it in the quest list HUD, it will auto navigate your character to the location where you need to go to give in and close the quest.

This will not make you teleport to that location, it will make your character autorun to it, meaning that you might stumble upon some enemies or bosses blocking your path and you might need to defeat them, which isn’t even that bad since they might drop some nice piece of equipment, bonus experience, and some gold.

Battle Pass

You can also quickly access the Codex which is a reward system that will show you the rewards that you can get in your adventure, always keep an eye on this section to get your rewards upon completing requirements and not to miss them. From there you can also access and check the Battle pass which functions as a level based rewarding system.

That means that you will also get battle pass levels as you progress through the game, there are two different battle passes, free battle pass on top and “premium” battle pass which is displayed on the bottom. “Premium” battle pass rewards are obtainable if you choose to buy and by buying it, unlock the rewards from it. There are very good rewards in both passes, even the free pass has some legendary rewards so always check on it and see if you unlocked your next reward.

Managing inventory and items

Managing inventory and items

It is very important to be good at inventory and space management, as well as not holding on to unnecessary items that are only taking place in inventory and you don’t have any use of those items. The best way to “get rid” of that kind of item is to visit a blacksmith and salvage them for resources, there is absolutely no reason not to do this if you are sure that you are about to salvage an item that you don’t need and you won’t use otherwise it will just sit in your inventory and make space for something potentially handy that might drop along the way.

Upgrade your Equipment

Another important thing is that you don’t need to be afraid to upgrade your equipment and socket gems into it, even if it’s a lower level one because when you change to a different piece of gear, gems, and gear statistics will transit to a newly equipped one. Don’t waste your time just saving resources for some future gear that you are aiming to get but you are afraid that you will not have enough resources for upgrades if you spend them on lower gear.

Combat, skills, and skill trees

Combat, skills, and skill trees

First of all important to understand that some skills are higher rank than other skills, they can also be moved and swapped around in the skill slots, meaning you can use different skills and build your own “meta” as you see fit and as you like it, you can also choose which skill do you want to be in each skill slot.

Another thing that’s important to understand is that skills progress organically, you don’t need to worry about manually upgrading or unlocking them, as you gain levels you will unlock more skills, and already unlocked ones will upgrade themselves as your progress through the game and gain levels, to put it into a perspective, once you reach max level with your character, you will have all skills unlocked and they will also be at a max level without you having to do anything.

Do not be afraid to test newly unlocked skills no matter that they may be a lower rank than the ones you already had in your skill slots, each new skill tends to be slightly better than the last one stat-wise, and you want to gain knowledge about skills and what each skill does individually.

Once you engage in battle, don’t hold down on using your skills, you want to use them as much as possible and as soon as they come off from a cooldown, there is no reason whatsoever not to use them, especially since skills in Diablo Immortal synergize with each other, Synergy leads to a combo chain and by using your skills regularly and as soon as you can you can create some powerful combos and deal massive damage to enemies.

Again, don’t be afraid to switch skills, this game allows you to build your own combo strings and utilize skill synergies, especially since we are very early on into the game, the more you use different skills the more you know.

Use healing items

Your HP will not regenerate automatically so it’s important to use health globes that can be obtained anywhere basically, you will get them simply from playing the game, but always keep in mind to use them if you are damaged in battle, many people forget about this since it is a bit different combat system than what we are used to seeing in this type of games.

Quick traveling (teleporting) and basic map functions

At any point and time, you can open your map and “quick travel” to any area that you have already visited. Since you can do this, it’s also very important to explore the map to unlock teleportation points, plus you will gain rewards in the Codex section from exploring the world.

Your most frequent point of interest on the map and the place that you will be spending most of your time outside the fighting and action will be Westmarch which functions as your “home city” inside of the game. Opening area map once you are there will show you markers of specific points of interest in Westmarch, make sure you visit them and see what you can find there.

Points of interest and markers on the map, in general, are very important to check, not just while in Westmarch but also on the world map, you can see the location of events, bosses, resources, and other valuable info that you want to check and know about.

What can you find in Westmarch

Bounty Board

There are many things to do while you are “home” but not all are relevant in the long run, we will mention some of the most important things to check on regularly. One of those important things is the Bounty board, every day you can interact with the Bounty board and take up to 12 bounties, doing these bounties will reward you with a significant amount of experience, gold, and resources, and ideally you want to do all 12 of them every day for the fastest way to level up and develop your character.

Elder Rift Entrance

Another important thing is the Elder Rift Entrance which when interacted with will allow you to run dungeons and get rewards from completing the dungeon runs, you can either run a dungeon solo or find a party to run it with, that is up to you, Dungeon running is a great source of experience points as well as a great way to obtain new gear from drops and resources, and to make friends along the way.


You can also modify drops by adding Crests to the run which will increase the quality and quantity of drops depending on which Crest you use. Now when we mentioned Crests, you might be wondering how to get them, and that would be another important thing worth knowing about.

There is a Crest merchant in Westmarch that you can get Crests from by exchanging Eternal Orbs for them. Eternal Orbs can be either bought from the shop to speed things up or you can just collect them organically by playing the game. It’s recommended to use Crests whenever you have them when you are running dungeons to get better rewards.

Challenge Rift Entrance

There is also a Challenge Rift Entrance in Westmarch that will allow you to run dungeons but with timers on, if you complete those challenges you will be rewarded with some extra rewards on top of the regular ones that you can get from normal Rift dungeon runs.

Blacksmith and Jeweler

Blacksmith and Jeweler

There is also a blacksmith in Westmarch who will take care of your gear, and upgrade and dismantle unnecessary items for some resources. Apprentice Jeweler can also be found in Westmarch, by visiting them you can modify and strengthen gems that you already own or you can craft new ones provided you have enough required resources and runes to craft them. Runes can be obtained from running Elder Rift dungeons.

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