Diablo Immortal Crusader Build and Skill Guide

Diablo Immortal Crusader Build and Guide

In Diablo Immortal, Crusader is the best class for group farming. The Crusader class is distinguished by a wide range of AOE skills that can quickly clear a group of mobs, as well as insanely high levels of speed and defense. Furthermore, they will provide tons of buffs to party members, and when combined with AOE skills, they are the ideal choice for group farming.

The issue with Crusader is that they have extremely low single target damage, making it difficult to fight bosses. When it comes to PVP, they aren’t all that great if you don’t know how to play. To dominate in PVP, you must learn how to outplay enemy players because your damage output is low and plan when you will use skills because they have a long cooldown.

Crusader Leveling

When you first start leveling, keep an eye on your gear and equipment. The better gear you get from mobs will help you progress faster. A simple way to tell if you’ve upgraded your gear is if your bag begins to flash. Remember to return to the blacksmith when your bag is full so you can salvage gear you won’t use and upgrade your current gear.

If you buy a battle pass in Diablo Immortal, you will receive legendary items that will also empower your Crusader, allowing you to progress even faster.

When you level up your Crusader, you will receive many gems that will increase your strength. Keep an eye out for legendary gear drops that can greatly improve your skills.

Crusader Build

BuildSkills 1Skills 2Skills 3Skills 4Skills 5
Solo PunishDraw and QuarterFalling SwordConsecration Spinning Shield
GroupPunishDraw and QuarterConjuration of LightHoly BannerSpinning Shield
RiftsPunishDraw and QuarterFalling SwordConsecration Spinning Shield
PVPPunishDraw and QuarterFalling SwordCondemnSpinning Shield

There are many skills that can be used with Crusader, but not all of them are good. What skill build you use on your Crusader is determined by a number of factors, including the content you are clearing, the gear you have, your goal, playstyle, and in-game situation. As a result, we created a few builds that you can use in various scenarios.

Crusader Equipment

BuildHelmetChest Shoulders Legs Main Hand Off Hand
Solo Many Eyed AegisBesiegerSivkets AdvantageBlamed Jambeau Little LancePavise of Ten Wings
GroupArrowkeeper Justice Without Favor Wind Blessed PauldronsBlamed Jambeau Little LanceSinkhole Cross
RiftsMany Eyed AegisBesiegerSivkets AdvantageBlamed Jambeau TumultSinkhole Cross
PVPMany Eyed AegisIron SuzerainSivkets AdvantageCavaliers CourtwearLittle LancePavise of Ten Wings

While playing Diablo Immortal, you will come across a variety of Crusader equipment, not all of which are particularly good. The equipment you will use is primarily determined by the build you are using. The reason for this is that legendary equipment enhances your abilities. To have the most powerful Crusader, you must achieve synergy between your equipment and skills.

Crusader Gems

There are numerous gems in Diablo immortal, and obtaining them can be challenging at times. As a result, you must be knowledgeable about the best Crusader gems.

Everlasting Torment: These are the best gems for Crusaders and any other class. When you perform a critical hit, you will apply the Agony buff to mobs, which deals damage over time. While enemy mobs have this buff applied, you will gain increased attack speed, which is fantastic.

Fervent Fang: It is an excellent gem for dealing with single-target enemies like Elite Monsters as well as for PVP. It is in an area where Crusader is weak, so it will provide you with a nice boost. It is accessible via the battle pass.

Berserker’s Eye: This is an excellent gem for increasing your overall damage. When you have this gem, you will take more damage, but your Crusader skills and defense will be able to handle it.

Lightening Core: This gem is useful when fighting a group of mobs because it deals AOE damage to enemies nearby your target.

Seleds Weakening: This is a great gem to have because it increases your damage after killing Elite monsters.

Chained Death: This gem will significantly increase your damage and work well with your AOE abilities.

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