Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build and Skill Guide

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build and Guide

The Demon Hunter class is one of the best for farming, leveling, and reaching the end game. The Demon Hunter class is unique in that it can deal massive amounts of damage to a group of enemies while also dealing the most damage to a single target in Diablo Immortal with the right build and gear.

One of the best aspects of Demon Hunter is that they can attack while moving, allowing you to speed through content. They will not provide any significant buffs in group play. Demon Hunters are great for PVP if you position yourself correctly, and because Demon Hunters have high single target damage, you will be able to destroy the enemy.

One of the most significant issues you will face with Demon Hunter is that they lack survivability and crowd control, so you must be careful how you position yourself. You will almost certainly die if you make one mistake.

Demon Hunter Leveling

When you first start leveling, keep an eye on your gear and equip any better gear you find from mobs to speed up your progression. A simple way to tell if you have better gear available is if your bag begins to flash. Remember to return to the blacksmith when your bag is full so you can salvage gear you won’t use and upgrade your current gear.

If you buy a battle pass in Diablo Immortal, you will receive legendary items that will also power up your Demon Hunter, allowing you to advance even faster.

When you level up your Demon Hunter, you will receive many gems that will increase your strength so make sure that you are using them. Keep an eye out for legendary gear drops that can greatly improve your skills.

Demon Hunter Build

BuildSkills 1Skills 2Skills 3Skills 4Skills 5
Solo Crossbow ShotVengeanceRain of VengeanceMultishotDaring Swing
GroupCrossbow ShotVengeanceRain of VengeanceMultishotKnockback Shot
RiftsCrossbow ShotVengeanceRain of VengeanceMultishotDaring Swing
PVPCrossbow ShotVengeanceRain of VengeanceMultishotDaring Swing

There are many different skill builds that can be used with Demon Hunter, but not all of them are good. What skill build you use on your Demon Hunter is determined by a number of factors, including the content you are clearing, the gear you have, your goal, playstyle, and in-game situation. As a result, we created a few builds that you can use in various scenarios.

Demon Hunter Equipment

BuildHelmetChest Shoulders Legs Main Hand Off Hand
Solo Vision of the LostHeart of VengeanceHailstone ShouldersCoffs Unrelenting FurryBreath of WinterThe Hungerer
GroupVision of the LostUntempered HatredSkystrikers PauldronsCoffs Unrelenting FurryFlamespite The Hungerer
RiftsVision of the LostHeart of VengeanceHailstone ShouldersCoffs Unrelenting FurryFlamespite The Hungerer
PVPVision of the LostHeart of VengeanceHailstone ShouldersCoffs Unrelenting FurryBreath of WinterThe Hungerer

While playing Diablo Immortal, you will come across a variety of Demon Hunter equipment, but not all of them are particularly good. The equipment you will use is primarily determined by the build you are using. The reason for this is that legendary equipment enhances your abilities. You must achieve synergy between your equipment and skills in order to have the strongest version of Demon Hunter.

Gems for Demon Hunter

There are numerous gems in Diablo immortal, and obtaining them can be challenging at times. As a result, you should be familiar with the best Demon Hunter gems.

Everlasting Torment: It is the ideal gem for Demon Hunter because it deals with a lot of critical hit damage. When you deal critical damage to an enemy mob, you will gain agony buffs that inflict damage per time. You will gain additional attack speed while mobs have the agony buff applied.

Berserker’s Eye: This gem will significantly increase your overall damage, but you must be cautious when using it because it will also increase your damage taken. When combined with Demon Hunter’s slow movement speed, this can be devastating.

Carson’s Invigoration: This is a great gem for Demon Hunter to use to boost his primary attack, which you will be using frequently.

Fervent Fang: It is an excellent gem for dealing with single-target enemies like Elite Monsters as well as for PVP. It is accessible via the battle pass.

Lightening Core: This gem is useful when fighting a group of mobs because it deals AOE damage to enemies nearby your target.

Power and Command: An excellent gem that will significantly increase your primary attacks and skill damage.

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