Diablo Immortal Equipment Upgrading & Reforging Guide

Diablo Immortal Equipment Upgrading & Reforging Guide

Diablo Immortal has a wide variety of equipment that can be upgraded, salvaged, and reforged. That is why it is critical to understand how Diablo Immortal’s equipment, upgrading, and reforge work. There are four types of equipment rarities: common, magical, rare, and legendary. When you upgrade and reforge them, you improve them, which automatically increases the power of your class.


We already know that there are four different equipment rarities in Diablo Immortal, but they are also classified as primary and secondary. The primary equipment consists of Main-Hand, Off-Hand, Shoulders, Head, Chest, and Legs, while the secondary equipment consists of Amulet, Rings, Waist, Hands, and Feet. You will have a total of 12 pieces of equipment, and getting the best ones can be difficult.

The primary equipment is the one that requires the most effort to obtain and upgrade. You will be able to place legendary items in your primary equipment, and each legendary item will have Legendary power that will improve your skills. You will also be able to equip legendary gems on legendary equipment, which will increase the strength of the class that you are playing.

The best gems are red, and after that, blue gems can be used. What legendary equipment you will use is determined by your goal and the skills that you are using, so keep that in mind.
When it comes to secondary equipment, there isn’t much to consider. They have no special effects; just make sure to use ones with a high number of bonuses.

If you are a new player who has just begun leveling, you do not need to focus too much on equipment. Just make sure to equip better equipment dropped by mobs and salvage equipment you don’t use. When your inventory starts flashing, you’ve picked up a better piece of mob equipment.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of equipment, we’ll move on to the more important topics of upgrading, reforging, and salvaging.

Salvaging Equipment

Salvaging Equipment

Salvaging in Diablo immortal is one of the most important things that you have to do. When you salvage equipment, you will obtain materials for upgrading. Simply go to Blacksmith and select the equipment that you want to salvage. There is an option to quickly salvage all materials, but the game will occasionally send you a warning when you are about to salvage equipment that is better than what you are currently using.

It’s a great feature, but it can be buggy at times, so double-check everything you’re salvaging to make sure you don’t savage anything important. This option is not available for Equipment seats or Legendary items.

If you salvage previously upgraded equipment, you will receive all materials and gold from the upgrade, which is fantastic. So make sure to constantly improve your equipment because you will receive all materials back. The amount of materials you will obtain from salvaging is determined by the item’s quality.

Equipment Salvaging Materials

Common Item1x
Scrap Material
Magic Item3x
Scrap Material
Rare Item1x
Enchanted Dust
Legendary Item1x
Glowing Shard
Set Item1x
Glowing Shard

Upgrading Equipment

Upgrading Equipment

Upgrading your equipment is the most important thing you can do in Diablo Immortal to increase the power of your class. When you upgrade your equipment, you will receive additional random bonus attributes that will increase the power of your class even further, allowing you to progress through the game faster and become stronger in PVP. To upgrade the equipment, you must first complete the main story.

Only Legendary and Rare gear can be upgraded when it comes to primary gear. Rare equipment can be upgraded to Rank 5 and Legendary equipment to Rank 20. If you are a new player, you must collect all of the equipment that monsters drop so you can salvage it for materials that you will use for upgrading. Later in the game, picking only Magic and Rare items will save you time from going to Blacksmith every few minutes. It is less time-consuming.

Gold, Scrap materials, Enchanted Dust, and Shards are required to upgrade Primary gear. In Westmarch, you can exchange 10 Scrap Materials for 1 Enchanted Dustin Blacksmith, but it is not worth it. Only trade materials if you really need them. Only trade materials if you really need them.

Secondary equipment is easier to upgrade than primary equipment. Rare secondary equipment can be upgraded to rank 5 and sets of equipment to rank 10. Enigmatic Crystals, which can be obtained from Rift floors, are required for upgrading secondary gear.

If you are a new player, try to upgrade all of your secondary equipment to rank 5 because they do not require as many materials and upgrade your primary equipment to level 6 so you can obtain Bonus attributes which can be a huge increase in your damage. After that, you should try to get your equipment to rank 11 so you can get a second bonus attribute.

Upgrading Primary Equipment Cost


Upgrading Secondary Equipment Cost

RankScrapEnigmatic CrystalsGold
Total 1500600142500

Reforging Equipment

Reforging is for players who reached the end game in Diablo Immortal. If you are a new player, you do not need to be concerned about Reforging. You can only reforge primary gear, and you must have at least rank 6 equipment to reforge it. If you reforge your gear, you will have the option to keep old bonus attributes if you do not like the new ones.

To reforge equipment, you’ll need to reforge stone, which can be difficult to come by. You can currently obtain it from Hilst merchant on a daily and from Battleground depending on your rank. You can currently obtain it from Hilst merchant on a daily and from Battleground depending on your rank.

Family reforging stone

There is now a pay-to-win reforging equipment option. That is possible with the Family reforging stone, which can be obtained for 100 eternal orbs. Eternal orbs are only available from in-game shop. This reforging system is broken and overpowered because when you reforge equipment, you always get attributes from the family type, and if you get three bonuses from the same family type, you get bonus family attributes.

If you intend to spend money on family reforging, it is best to wait until the utility has the best equipment available so that you do not waste your money on bad equipment.

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