Diablo Immortal Monk Build and Skill Guide

Diablo Immortal Monk Build and Guide

Monks are a great class in Diablo Immortal because they have AOE damage skills and are very agile. This enables themes to engage and flee combat at incredible speeds. Monks are fantastic because they provide shields and buffs to party members and they can group up enemies so that other nuke classes can kill them quickly, which is why they are great to use in groups.

You will never be bored if you play the monk class; they are extremely enjoyable to play. You must be careful about your positioning when playing monk because you can die quickly if you are not careful and do not use your escape abilities. If you enjoy PVP in Diablo immortal, monk is the class for you because you will be able to easily outplay other players. The only issue with the Monk class is that it cannot rely on a single build.

Monk Leveling

During Monk leveling, you will receive better gear for the enemies you defeat. When you obtain better equipment, you must equip it to speed up your leveling progression. When you acquire a more advanced piece of equipment, your inventory will begin to flash. Remember to level up your equipment in the blacksmith to gain an advantage.

We all know Diablo Immortal will be a pay-to-win game with battle passes that you can buy. In that battle pass, you will receive a legendary item that will greatly increase the strength of your Monk. Remember to put gems in your gear if you can, and look for Storm Spirit, Rod of Echoes, and The Open Mind, which are the best Monks’ equipment.

Monk Build

BuildSkills 1Skills 2Skills 3Skills 4Skills 5
Solo Fist Of ThunderMystic StrikeExploding PalmSeven Side StrikeCyclone Strike
GroupFist Of ThunderMystic StrikeExploding PalmMystic AlliesCyclone Strike
RaidFist Of ThunderMystic StrikeSeven Side StrikeMystic AlliesCyclone Strike
RiftsFist Of ThunderMystic StrikeExploding PalmSeven Side StrikeMystic Allies
PVPFist Of ThunderMystic StrikeImprisoned FistSeven Side StrikeShield of Zen

Monk allows you to create a variety of different builds. Your in-game situation, playstyle, and goal will all influence your skill build. Depending on your objectives, here is a list of all the builds you can use with Monks.

Monk Equipment

BuildHelmetChest Shoulders Legs Main Hand Off Hand
Solo Crippling InsightStorm SpiritDisciplines WeightPath of the StormDragons IndignationEye of the Storm
GroupThe Open Mind Storm SpiritDisciplines WeightCompanions MelodyRod of EchoesEye of the Storm
Raid The Open Mind Storm SpiritDisciplines WeightCompanions MelodyRod of EchoesEye of the Storm
RiftsThe Open Mind Breath of Incense Disciplines WeightCompanions MelodyRod of EchoesScolding Storm
PVPPuritorys Thoughts Enlighten Mensts BlessingThe Fist Wind Isolations PathIce Upon The BlossomWisdoms Grasp

In Diablo Immortal, you can use a variety of equipment, but not all of them are the best. The Monk build you use determines what legendary equipment you equip. Because each legendary monk item is unique and enchants different abilities, you must achieve synergy between your equipment and your build to get the most out of your Monk.

Gems for Monk

There are many gems in Diablo immortal, and getting them can be difficult at times. As a result, you should be aware of the best Monk gems.

Everlasting Torment- This gem is fantastic because it applies the agony buff, which deals damage over time when you land a critical hit on an enemy. You will gain additional attack speed if the enemy is affected by the agony buff.

Fervent Fang: This gem is an excellent to have if you’re fighting a single target, and it’s available through the battle pass.

Berserker’s Eye: This gem is an extremely useful to have. It increases your damage but also causes you to take more damage.

Lightening Core: When fighting a group of enemies, this gem is useful because it deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Seleds Weakening: This is great gem that increases Monk damage after killing Elite monsters and your overall damage when fighting Elite monsters.

Chained Death: This gem is a fantastic for boosting your AOE damage output.

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