Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels and System Guide

Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels and System Guide

The Paragon system in Diablo Immortal is activated when you reach level 60, the maximum level. You will receive additional bonuses for your character as a result of the paragon system. When you level one paragon level, you will receive points that can be spent in the paragon talent tree.

Paragon Talent Tree

The Paragon talent tree in Diablo Immortal will undoubtedly improve your character. There are 5 paragon talent tree tiers, each with buffs for different game modes. The issue is that not all paragon tree tiers will be unlocked, so you must be careful how you invest your paragon points.

Not only will you not have unlocked all paragon talent tiers, but there is no paragon talent tree reset where you can take all points back and invest them again. Many players are holding off on investing in the paragon talent tree until they reach the desired paragon tier.

Keep in mind that there are two types of buffs available from the Paragon talent tree. Permanent Attributes are circle-shaped and will always be applied, whereas Specialization Skills are square-shaped and will not always be activated. You can only activate one Specialization Skills tier, which is indicated by a green checkmark.

Paragon Talent Tree Tiers

Talent Tree Tier LVL RequiredBonuses
Vanquisher1Defensive bonuses
Survivor1Offensive bonuses.
Treasure Hunter50XP bonus, Magic and Gold finding bonus
Gladiator100PVP Bonuses
Soldier150PVP and PVE PVP Bonuses
Mastermind150Group Bonuses

Server Paragon levels

Server Paragon levels Diablo Immortal

Server paragon levels are a system that will narrow the gap between players with high paragon levels and beginners. It’s essentially a catch-up mechanism for beginners. When a server starts, it has server paragon level 0, and its server paragon level is increased by two levels every day. The amount of experience you will gain is determined by your paragon level.

You will gain more experience if your paragon level is lower than the server’s, but less experience if your paragon level is higher than the server. Casual players love this server paragon system while hardcore players hate it.

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