Diablo Immortal Runes Guide: How to Get Runes

Diablo Immortal Runes Guide

Runes are items in Diablo Immortal that are used to craft Legendary Gems. Runes can be found throughout the game or purchased from in-game shops. You must be careful how you use your runes and other resources to craft legendary gems because they can be quite expensive, so you must plan ahead of time how you will use them. There are only a few ways to obtain runes in Diablo Immortal, such as the Elder Rift and in-game shops.

Enhanced Elder Rifts

Enhanced Elder Rifts

Enhanced Elder Rifts is an excellent way to obtain a large number of runes in Diablo Immortal. You will need Crests to begin Enchanted Elder Rift, which you can obtain from Merchants or in-game shop. Crests come in two varieties. A rare crest grants one random rune, while a legendary crest grants three random runes.

Fading Embers

Fading ember is an item that can be obtained by playing Elder Rifts with legendary and rare crests. When you have enough fading embers, you can visit the Fading Ember Merchant to purchase runes or legendary gems. To maximize farming fading embers, find a group with legendary crests because when the crest is activated, all group members will receive fading embers.

Fading Ember Cost

Rune Cost

Buying runes from the market

Diablo Immortal has a market where players can sell and buy items. You will be able to buy various runes that players are selling in the market, but you will need a currency called Platinum to do so. Platinum can be obtained through in-game purchases or through random drops. If you receive runes that you do not require, It is best to sell them in the market so that you can get platinum to buy the runes you require.

Use runes to craft legendary gems

Use runes to craft legendary gems

The primary purpose of runes is to be used in the creation of legendary gems that can significantly increase your character’s strength. You will need a large number of runes and platinum to craft legendary gems. Apprentice Jeweler allows you to create legendary gems.

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