Dislyte Abilimon Guide and How To Obtain It

Abilimon Guide and How To Obtain It

Upgrading the skills of your Espers in Dislyte is critical, and you can do so with an item called Abilimon. Because Abilimon items are difficult to obtain, you must be extremely cautious when upgrading espers abilities.

Abilimon are unique items that can be used to improve Espers’ skills. that you will have difficulty obtaining, especially if you are a new player

in Dislyte you are able to find Legendary Abilimon, Epic Abilimon, and Rare Abilimon.

With time and effort, you will be able to obtain decent Rare and Epic Abilimon, but legendary Abilimon will be difficult to obtain. Legendary Abilimons are extremely rare and are used to improve the abilities of legendary espers. You must take caution when utilizing the legendary Abilimon. It is best to invest in one or two of Dislyte’s best espers. Simply avoid upgrading espers at random and avoid low-tier espers.

How to obtain Abilimons

How to obtain Abilimons

There are a few places where you can obtain Abilimons, and developers plan to add more in the future game. Just keep an eye out for new events that will usually include Abilimon as part of the rewards.

You can get Legendary Abilimon from Temporal Tower (One per month), Infinite Miracle (One per month), Tournament Shop (One per Week), From Achievements.

When it comes to Epic and Rare Abilimon, they are not difficult to obtain. You can get them from the Cube Shop, Achievements, Bounties, Course Rewards, Events, and Dislyte gift codes. Simply be active and complete everything you can within a game.

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