Dislyte Arena Casual Match Guide

Dislyte Arena Casual Match Guide

The arena is a fantastic game mode in Dislyte where you can fight and challenge your friends or random players. What’s great about Dislyte Arena is that you’ll be able to test how powerful your espers are, team formation, and new strategies. Arena rules are the same as Point War rules in Dislyte, with the only difference being that you won’t get rewards.

How Does Arena Casual Match Function?

When you enter the arena, you will see the Invite Player Squad option. When you select that option, you will be able to send invitations to global chat, Club chat, or private chat. Other players will be able to join the match once they receive your invitation. When a new player joins the match, both you and the other player must click the Ready Up button. Following that, you will begin selecting Espers and assembling your team. The first player will choose one esper, followed by the second player, and so on. After both players have chosen their espers, you will be able to choose which captain ability you will use.

When the game begins, you have the option of letting it play automatically or manually. Each round, the player has 30 seconds to cast a skill, and if he does not, the game will do so for him.

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