Dislyte Beginners Guide and Tips

Dislyte Beginners Guide and Tips

When you first start playing Dislyte, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of new information and items, and you will most likely make a lot of mistakes. Dislyte is not a difficult game, and making a mistake is not a big deal. What is most important at first is that you learn how the game works and that you remain active if you want to progress.

Bonus Experience at the start

When you create your Dislyte account, you will receive a 100% bonus on Esper XP. This bonus will be available for 6 days. This buff is critical if you want to advance faster. You will be able to level up your espers faster with the help of this buff, allowing you to progress through content faster and earn more rewards.


Compass in Dislyte

A compass is a great tool for beginners in Dislyte, where there are many useful items. Compass is divided into several sections that will assist you in locating nexus crystals, gold records, gold, and relics. So make sure to look at the compass. It will be extremely beneficial to your progress.


Events are important in Dislyte, and you must complete them all. The rewards from events are fantastic, and they will undoubtedly help your progression. Events like Path To Mastery will give you level 4 star espers, gold records, and nexus crystals which are the most valuable resources.

Trainee Milestone

Trainee Milestone Dislyte

Trainee Milestone is one of the best events in Dislyte and will provide you with numerous rewards. To finish all stages, you must first level up your account to level 60, which will take some time. Simply play the game and have fun; you will eventually reach level 60.


Missions are essential for newcomers to Dislyte. They are divided into three categories: courses, quests, and achievements. Courses are locations where you will complete specific tasks such as equipping espers with relics. You will be rewarded if you complete them. The rewards are fantastic, and you will learn a lot about the game while completing them.


quests in dislyte

You must complete quests in Dispute every day. They are rewarding players with nexus crystals, action points, gold, and currency for leveling up a battle pass.
Achievements- are also excellent sources of free rewards. You don’t have to rush because some achievements can be difficult to complete as a new player, but make sure you complete all of them later in the game.

Gift Codes

gift code dislyte

If you didn’t already know, there are Dislyte gift codes that you should use as soon as possible. When you redeem gift codes, you will receive free items that will be extremely beneficial to you, especially in the beginning.

Starting Espers

You will receive a few espers at the start, but the majority of them are pretty bad and will need to be replaced later so check out Dislyte tier list to see what are the best Espers in the game.

Mona– Mona is the most valuable Esper you will receive at the start of Dislyte. You will constantly use her, and when she is replaced, you will use her for farming and leveling your other espers. So you can invest all into Mona at the beginning and level her up while you still have a beginner experience bonus.

Brynn– she’s ok at first, but if you keep her in a team, you’ll struggle a lot.

Q– He is a decant beginner esper with the ability to link, which can be useful. The more you progress in Dislyte, the less useful he will become, so don’t put too much effort into him.

Drew– is a great esper for beginners, and you’ll be able to use it until the end game. It is possible to make him good for the end game, but it is not worth it; you will get better espers until you reach the end game.

Helena-is a bad esper who needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Every other healing esper in the game is more effective than she is.


Trials in Dislyte are locations where you can obtain a large number of items. They are divided into the following sections: Infinite Miracle, Ritual Miracle, Cube Miracle, Ripple Dimension, and Sonic Miracle/ All of these sections are fantastic, and you must work hard to complete them all. The rewards for completing them are insanely good.


Joining the Dislyte Club is essential because you will complete tasks that will award you with Clube Points, which you will be able to exchange for great rewards in the Dislyte shop. There is also a section where you will assist your Clube members in obtaining shards, and they will assist you as well. It is critical that you assist your Club members because you will earn Club Points for each assistance.

Other Important Things to in Dislyte

Point War is an important thing that you will have to do on a daily basis because the rewards are fantastic and you will also receive currency that you can spend in the shop.

DJ contest a small game mode that can be difficult at times. You can earn good items by participating in a DJ contest, so make sure you do it.

Bounties – is an excellent location for obtaining Nexus crystals and gold records. So make it a habit to do them on a daily basis.

Friends– You should add as many friends as possible and send them help, which will reward you with a currency that you can spend in the shop. You will be able to use one friend esper in your team, so add high-level players to your friend list because they will have powerful espers that will definitely help you with your progression.

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