Dislyte Best Packs To Buy: Spenders Guide

Dislyte Best Packs To Buy: Spenders Guide

Dislyte is a free-to-play game with the option to purchase packs within the game. Packs within Dislyte are a way to support developers, but the problem with them is that they create a large gap between free-to-play and pay-to-win players, which is why many players dislike them.

However, in Dislyte, you do not need to spend money to advance. There are many free-to-play players who have completed the game and have powerful team compositions and espers. Simply be active and have fun with the game.

There are many different packs available in Dislyte, but not all of them provide the best value. That is why, in this guide, we will discuss which packs to purchase that will greatly aid your progression. Do not forget to redeem all Dislyte gift codes that can contain great free items.


M-Pass dislyte 1

M-Pass in Dislyte is one of the best items you can buy in Dislyte. You should definitely get an M-Pass if you are a low and high spender. It will provide you with incredible value. Each month, a new pass will be released, allowing you to purchase it only once per month.

To obtain all items from M-pass, you must first level up M-pass. To level up your M-Pass, you must collect M-Tokens by completing various quests. Because there is a new M-pass every month, you will have 30 days to level up your pass; however, quests are relatively easy and can be completed in less than 20 days. All you have to do is be active.

Welcome Packs

Welcome Packs dislyte

Inside the plaza, you will find a welcome pack that will provide you with excellent value, especially if you are a new player. There are three different Welcome Packs available, with the first two providing the best value. The final welcome pack will give you 6 gold records, which is great, but if you are a low spender, it is not worth it to buy it.

Rookie Special Offer

Rookie Special Offer

You can buy great packs from the Rookie Special Offer. They are all worthwhile purchases, but the type of pack you choose will be determined by your budget. You can get 10 gold records and 500k gold for $15, and no other pack will give you that value. If you have a lot of money to spend, you can get a 100$ pack that includes 45 gold records and a legendary Abilimon that will boost your espers.

10 Day Supply Pack

This is a great pack to buy if you’re running low on stamina but still want to grind and progress as much as possible. You will receive additional gold on top of your stamina supply, which is fantastic. This pack will last 10 days and will give you 4 stamina packs and 100k gold each day.

Black Gold Cards and Monthly Cards

Black Gold Cards and Monthly Cards

A Monthly card and a black card are available in the plaza. When compared to other packs, they both offer excellent value. When you buy a Black Gold card, you will gain 10% more Espers experience, 10% more gold, and 30% more stamina. In addition, you will receive 150 nexus crystals every day for 30 days and 980 nexus crystals when you first purchase a Black gold card. You will receive 5.5k nexus crystals in total.

Monthly cards are less expensive, but they come with fewer items. A monthly card will only give you 3,300 nexus crystals, so if you can, get a black card instead of a monthly card.

Recharge packs

If you are a frequent spender, it is worthwhile to purchase a recharge pack while they are offering you double the amount. The first time you buy them, you will receive double the amount of Nexus crystals, which is worth the expense, but without the double value, they are relatively poor in terms of value.

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