Bounties Guide Dislyte

Bounties in Dislyte Guide

Bounties in Dislyte are a fantastic way for players to earn valuable rewards. The reward’s quality is determined by the difficulty of the quest.

To receive rewards from bounties, you must first complete a quest. When you begin a bounty, you will spend one Mission later. Each day, you will receive three free missions, but you can only keep six of them. So, if you want to maximize your progress and receive new mission letters, you must spend them.

You may receive difficult quests that prevent you from completing your bounty, but there is a refresh option that you can use for free every 12 hours. After using free to refresh, your bounty will be changed, and you can refresh it again for 10 nexus crystals. If you refresh bounties more than once, the cost will increase. Union Missions and Solos are the two types of bounties available.

You can get additional rewards for free with Dislyte gift codes, it takes 2 min to enter them and completing bounties is much more fun when you play Dislyte on pc.

Bounties rewards

Bounties provide excellent rewards for new players. By clicking on bounties, you can see what rewards you will receive. We recommend that you select bounties that will reward you with spirimoon, stamina points, or nexus crystals. It will speed up your progression as a new player.

Union Mission

They are basic bounties that are unrelated to the esper that you select. They are classified as 
They are divided into 
Research Center – Relic Collection
The Scavengers – Monster Raid 
Training Division – Power Raiser 
XHz- Divine Waves – Collection

Solo bounties

Solo bounties

Choose an Esper Solo to tell their story. (If another Esper has a pending Solo in the current Mission pool, the Mixer WII only takes effect the next time you play.) This is a fantastic opportunity to play your favorite esper solo and receive a Nexus crystal as a reward.

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