Dislyte Club Guide 

Dislyte Club Guide 

Dislyte Club is a place where players can gather and work as a team. There are a lot of tasks and rewards that players must do together to complete them. Every player in Dislyte should look for clubs to join because the benefits are insanely good.

Dislyte Clube Roles

Clubemaster and Deputy Clubmaster are two important positions in the club.

When a player establishes a club, he becomes clubmaster and assumes the most important roles. Clubemaster has the ability to select and remove deputy clubmasters, as well as delete clubs. He has the authority to dismiss any player from the club.

The Clube Master and Deputy Clubmasters have the ability to send messages and notifications to all players in the club, as well as remove any player from the club.

If the clubmaster is inactive for more than 7 days, the clubmaster title will be transferred to the club’s most active player.

If a player leaves the club, he will be unable to join any other club for the next 24 hours, so be cautious when leaving the club.

Club levels

Having a high-level club grants you access to better items from club shops as well as the ability to have more members. You can advance in the club by completing tasks that will provide you with experience. More players performing tasks will provide the club with more experience. That is why it is critical to have a club with a large number of active players.

When you create a club, you will be limited to 30 players, but as you progress through the levels, you will gain more space in the club.

  • Level 1: 30 members 
  • Level 2-3: 35 members 
  • Level 4-5: 40 members 
  • Level 6-7: 45 members 
  • Level 8-10: 50 members 

Clube tasks

Every day, each player will be assigned three special club tasks. If he completes it, he will receive rewards, activeness points, club XP, and most importantly, club points to spend in club shops. Try to complete all three special tasks because they cannot be carried over to the next day.

Weekly tasks

Every member of the club will be assigned one weekly task each week. They will have to collaborate to finish it, and it will not be moved to the following week. Members who complete weekly tasks earn Clube XP, club points, and activeness. You should definitely try to complete tasks each day because the rewards are fantastic.

It is critical to have active players within the club because the more players who complete a weekly task, the faster the club will grow.

Members of the Activeness Clube can earn more rewards if they reach a certain level of activity. At the end of each week, rewards are distributed and the process is restarted. The top three most active members will receive additional benefits.

Clube shop

Clube shops are one of the best places to get great items that will help you with your espers and progress. There are numerous items in the shop that can be purchased with club points. You must be active and complete daily and weekly tasks to earn each club point. With higher club levels, better rewards in the club shop will be unlocked. For example, in order to purchase 4 stars Divina from a club shop, you must have a club on level 7.


Clubs are a fantastic feature in Dislyte where players can collaborate to earn great rewards. Join a club that has a lot of active players. Also, keep an eye out for great club shop items that will help you progress. It will be easier for you to run a club with Dislyte on PC and redeem all Dislyte codes to get some free items.

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