Cube Miracle Guide Dislyte

Cube Miracle Guide Dislyte

Cube Miracle is one of the interesting game modes in Dislyte where you can earn a lot of great rewards. In cube miracle, you will fight enemies to clear paths and collect rewards. You will also be able to recruit espers and collect runes to aid you in clearing stages. The rewards are insanely good, and you must push cube miracle as much as possible.

The Cube Miracle opens every two days and stays open for two days, giving you plenty of time to prepare yourself and upgrade your espers for higher-level stages.

The Cube Miracle is a labyrinth-like space with different floors, the third being the highest currently accessible, but more floors will be added in the future.

To advance, you must defeat the blockers who guard the floor so that you can move forward.

Cube Miracle Tips

You can skip some guardians in cube miracles to save energy, and we all know how difficult it is to obtain energy.

Collecting relics found on the floor will strengthen your esper teams and allow you to advance faster. The great thing about the cube miracle in Dislyte is that you can’t die as you can in other games. You can attempt to finish the floor as many times as you want; the only thing you will lose is energy.

Cube miracle rewards are insanely good. Some rewards will be earned while learning the floor, while others will be available for purchase in the Cube Shop with cube points earned when you complete the floor.

Epic and rare spirimon are the best items you can buy with cube points. Simply avoid purchasing e-cash; it is not worth it.


Runes in cube miracle

As you progress through the cube miracle, you will collect runes. Each rune will consume one or two energy points and can be activated via the rune wheel. Duplicate runes can be obtained, but only one copy of a rune can be equipped.

You will see how many energy points are used by the dot at the bottom of the rune. You’ll be able to equip 6 energy points from runes, so think about how and which one you’ll use. It all depends on your esper formation.

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