DJ Contest in Dislyte Guide

DJ Contest in Dislyte Guide

DJ Contest is a fantastic game mode within Dislyte where you can earn a variety of rewards. Dj Contest is similar to Guitar Hero in that you must combine various actions such as tapping, holding, and rotating to earn points. Completing it in harder stages can be quite difficult. To complete the DJ Contest, it is preferable to play Dislyte on PC because it is much easier to control the disk.

What’s great about the DJ Contest is that you can earn rewards from it every 24 hours, so make sure you complete it every day. Also, soundtracks are fantastic, so make sure you have your volume turned up while competing in the DJ Contest. You can get additional rewards from Dislyte Gift codes.

How to complete the DJ Contest

Unfortunately, there is no special or simple way to finish a DJ contest in Dislyte. The best way to finish it is to make sure you know how to use the disk so you can get the most points. 

dj contest Match Notes

On disk, you have different colors and that colors you have to match with the color of the notes.

dj contest tap notes

Here you have to tap the disk as the notes fall. It doesn’t matter which color it is. 

dj contest swipe notes

You have to swipe the disk in the direction of the notes. You make sure that you swipe the disk really hard.

Dj contest hold note

You have to match the color of the falling note and hold the disk while you are following the note.

scratch note dj contest

It doesn’t matter which color it is just make sure that you are rotating the disk left and right all the time while holding the dick pressed. 

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