Dislyte Esper Fusion Guide

Dislyte Esper Fusion Guide

Esper Fusion in Dislyte is a fantastic place where new players can obtain powerful espers by fusing materials. You can currently fuse Fabrice and Gabrielle, which are insanely good espers for beginners and you will definitely use them in the end game. So, if you’re a new Dislyte player, make sure you get them as soon as possible. They will speed up and make your progress easier.

Your main goal is to fuse Gabrielle as soon as possible because she is one of the best support espers in the game and you will use her in the majority of team comps. There’s a good chance that the espers you can fuse now will be changed in the future, so do everything you can to get Gabrielle.

What are the requirements for Esper Fusion and how does it work?

Dislyte Esper Fusion

You must have a level 25 account to unlock the Esper Fusion option. To fuse each esper, you must obtain one specific Esper as well as three additional Espers of different elements.

To fuse legendary espers, you must use ascension phase V materials (espers), and epic espers require ascension phase IV materials. Each legendary esper fusion requires 50k gold, while epic esper fusion requires 20k gold.

When you have gathered all of the necessary materials, simply click on the fuse button to successfully fuse esper. If you are a beginner with a few espers, do not rush into Esper Fusion until you have a few good espers.

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