Dislyte Leveling Guide: Esper Growth Guide

Dislyte Esper Growth Guide

To have powerful espers in Dislyte, you must understand how to grow, upgrade, and level up. All of this will determine how powerful your esper. Abilities and star levels are essential for progressing in the dislyte and receiving more rewards.

Stay tuned as we will cover everything you need to know about the growth of espers.


First, we’ll look at advancement. Dislyte advancement is a place where you can level up your espers, increase your star rating, and upgrade the abilities of your espers.

Espers can level up by absorbing Experimon or by transferring power to another Esper. As a result, you can use any esper to upgrade any espers.

It will trigger resonance boost if you use esper that is a copy of esper that you want to LVL up. These Resonances increase Esper XP, improve the Esper’s Resonance Star Rating, and provide additional Resonance Energy. Distribute the Resonance Energy as you see fit to give Esper a percentage-based boost to his stats.

As a result, it is critical that you upgrade your espers with the same copy of them in order to obtain resonance.

You can also use other espers to upgrade your espers, but this is not recommended. It is best to level them up with.

To boost your espers growth use Dislyte redeem codes that will provide you with some free items.

Promotion of the Stars

Promotion of the Stars

An Esper’s level cap is determined by their Star Rating:
LVL 20 = 2 stars
LVL 30 = 3 stars
LVL 40 = 4 stars
LVL 50 = 5 stars
LVL 60 = 6 stars

Espers who have reached their current level cap will be able to advance only by Star promotion, and promoting a Star Rating will require other Espers or Starimon of the same Star Rating.

2 Star Espers need 2 other 2 Star Espers
3 Star Espers need 3 other 3 Star Espers
4 Star Espers need 4 other 4 Star Espers
5 Star Espers need 5 other 5 Star Espers

To advance to 3/4/5/6 Star, you must have 2/3/4/5 Espers or Starimon .
•Star promotion enhances attributes.
• If you have multiple cards of the same Esper, we strongly advise you to use them to promote the Esper’s Star Rating, as this will cause a Resonance event.



To increase your star level, you will need to use rare, epic or legendary Abilimon, which you can obtain by completing quests or purchasing from the shop.

You will not be able to choose which ability to upgrade; instead, it will be determined at random until all of your abilities have reached their maximum level. This is critical if you want to have strong espers and try to get as many Abilimon as possible.



If you use the same copy of esper to upgrade, you will gain resonance points. When you use the same copy, resonance occurs, and you receive four resonance energy points to which you can assign. You can use them to boost your esper’s attack, defense, and health. It is an excellent way to boost the power of your espers.



• Espers can be ascended as early as Lvl 1.
• Additional Ascensions are available at Lvl 10/20/30/40/50 for a total of 6 Ascensions.
• There is a material cost associated with ascensions. By challenging the Sonic Miracle, you can obtain ascension boosters.
• Basic Ascension boosters can be combined to create Strong boosters.

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