Dislyte Farming Experience (EXP) Guide

Dislyte Farming Guide 1

There are numerous places where you can farm experience in Dislyte, but not all of them will provide you with the best value. Some places will provide you with a small amount of experience, while others will provide you with a large amount of experience but a limited number of rewards.

Practice Stages in Story Mode are the best place to level up your espers and farm experience in Dislyte. You will gain a lot of experience here, but the rewards in other items are relatively low, but you have a chance to get Experimon, which will give you even more experience. You may also receive additional gold and Divinas.

Dislyte Farming Guide

You will struggle with higher levels of Practice stages if you are a new player because you will need at least one or two max espers to carry your team. You may be wondering why I should bring max level esper, and the answer is that he will carry the team while you level up more units at the same time, and half of his experience will be distributed to all other units.

If you need to level up your Espers’ Stars, you can use 1-2 DPS and the other will be Divinas because you will need to upgrade DIvinas if you want to level up your Espers’ Star levels.

Farming can be time-consuming, so it is best to play Dislyte on a PC, where you will be able to use your phone freely.

Best Esper For Farming

Best Esper For Farming

She best esper for leveling your other units is Mona which you will get at the beginning. She has great AOE skills and nuke damage. Also do not forget to use Hades Set and Sword Avatar on her that has bonus CRIT stats. Because you will get Mona at the beginning you can immediately start investing in her, you will use her all the time. She will not be fast, but if she is maxed out, she will be able to complete the story mode’s highest level on her own. Also, remember to redeem all Dislyte Gift Codes that can give you with a free experience.

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