Dislyte Friends System Guide

The Dislyte friend system is one of the most important things to understand if you are a free-to-play or new player. The Dislyte friend system will greatly assist you in upgrading your espers and speeding up your growing progress. With the friend system, you will be able to send and get hearts that you can use in shops and you can hire friends esper 50 times per day.


Friendship, You can create up to 50 Friend Squads by going to the friend section and clicking on the Pearson icon. After you click it, you will be able to add, remove, and block friends.

You can gift friendship points to up to 50 Friends per day, which is the maximum number of friends you can have. You do not have to gift each player individually; at the bottom of the screen, you can instantly give and claim friends gifts. 

You can claim Friendship Points from up to 20 Friends Squads per day, and each time you will receive 10 points. This means you’ll be able to earn 200 friendship points per day.

This is significant because you will use your Friendship Points to purchase resources from the Friendship Shop that will help you progress and grow.

If you play Dislyte on your mobile phone you will be able to add friends that are playing Dislyte on pc and vice versa.

Friend Assist

Friend Assist

Help from a Friend You can train Helper Espers to assist your friends’ squads in battle. To do so, go to the friend assist section and look for a green icon in the lower left corner of your game. When you click on it, you will be able to select which esper you want to use to assist your friends. Check Image above.

You can earn 100 Friendship Points every day by setting up Helper Espers, so that’s a nice bonus.

When it comes to using friends’ espers You can use the Helper Espers of your friends up to 50 times per day. Weekly Friend Assist rankings are constantly updated, so consider pitching in with some of your strongest Espers to get ahead!

It is critical to use friends’ espers, particularly high-level ones. If you are a new player, it will significantly speed up your progress.

select friends' espers when assembling your team

You will be able to select friends’ espers when assembling your team. To select friends, click on a small icon just above the list of your espers on your screen. On the image, you can see where it is.

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