Dislyte Gold Records Guide: How to obtain Gold Records

Dislyte Gold Records Guide

Gold records are one of the most valuable items you can obtain in Dislyte. Gold records are used to summon various rarities of Espers and are therefore difficult to obtain. There are a few places where you can get them, which we will discuss.

You should obtain as many gold records as possible because you will require every esper that you can get, especially if you are a new Dislyte player.

Places where you can get gold records

Shop – When you go to Dislyte’s shops in the Tournament, Cube, and Club sections, you can find gold records to buy. You want to buy all of them because they will always provide you with the best value compared to other items listed in stores. You can get over 20 gold records from shops each month.

Ritual miracle- a ritual miracle is a great place to farm Relic, but bosses have a chance to drop Gold Records.

Cube Miracle- Another great place to get gold records is Cube Miracle. Players claim to be getting one gold record every 2 to 3 cube miracles completed.

Infinite Miracle

Infinite Miracle– Infinite Miracle is also a fantastic location where you can earn gold records for completing stages.

Bounties- Bounties is a great place to get free rewards for completing tasks, and there is a chance that you will be rewarded with a gold record once you complete it. 

Events- Dislyte has a lot of events that will award you with gold records. Every month, there will be one or two events in Dislyte, so keep an eye out for them and complete them. Small events, such as daily login, can also provide gold records.

M-Pass Dislyte

M-Pass is a great method of obtaining gold records. An M pass will cost you ten dollars and is well worth it. Not only will you receive 6 gold records, but you will also receive other fantastic rewards that will undoubtedly benefit your account and progression.

Other in-game bundles- You can purchase a variety of in-game bundles that will grant you gold records. You can find them in Plaza.

Gift Codes– When you redeem gift codes in Dislyte there is a chance that you will get gold records and other rewards like nexus crystals. 

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