Point War in Dislyte Guide

Point War in Dislyte Guide

Point War is a game mode in Dislyte in which you fight other players for great rewards. Point war is a PVP game mode in Dislyte. Point war is a place where new players can get insanely good rewards that will help them grow and progress faster.

Each duel is priced at one Admission Certificate. You’ll receive one certificate every two hours, but the storage limit for admission certificates is only twenty. If you don’t spend them all and avoid getting full storage, you won’t get a free certificate.

When you win a duel in point war, you will receive supply vouchers that you can use to purchase spirimon and divina from a shop.

You can configure your defensive team to automatically battle other players. You must form an excellent defensive team because you will be rewarded each time your team defeats a challenger.

When you are competing in Point War you must use the best espers in Dislyte so you do not lose points when you get at higher tiers.

Tiers of the Point War Tournament

Dislyte Tournamnet tier

Each time you defeat another player in a point war, you will gain tier points; however, if you lose, your tier points will decrease. Tournament tiers are ranked, and the higher your ranking, the stronger the players you will face.

It is critical to advance through the tournament tiers because you will receive rewards based on your tier rank every 7 days.

You can always check what espers are using for the players you intend to challenge, and if they are all powerful, you can refresh the list of players by clicking in the middle of your screen.

There are 18 tiers in total, and the higher your tier, the better the rewards from point war. Tiers under 11 are protected, which means that if you lose a match, you will not lose a tier.

There’s a good chance you’ll come up against players with similar powers to you.

When you reach Tier 16, things start to change. You will be ranked on the leaderboard, and if you reach the top 1000-100 players, you will be tier 17, and the top 100-1 players will be tier 18. They will be rewarded the most.

The good news is that your progress is saved, and you will begin each week based on your previous season ranking.


It is difficult to recommend which espers to use and which espers team to use, but you can use the best espers based on our tier list. You should also pay attention to your espers levels and relics, as they are important. Overall, point war in Dislyte is a fantastic game mode in which you can put your esper team to the test and win fantastic rewards and you can get additional rewards with Dislyte redeem codes.

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