Relic Fusion Guide Dislyte

Relic Fusion Guide

Relic Fusion is a fantastic place in Dislyte to craft relics. What is great about Relic Fusion is that you can craft specific relics that you want but keep in mind that you can get all relics for other game modes. It is best to save material for 6-star relics and then craft one after determining which relic you are missing. To unlock the relic fusion option in Dislyte, you must be level 7, which is a relatively easy achievement. The only issue with relic fusion is that it will be for random slots.

Where can I get materials for relic fusion?

Cube Miracle is a location where you can obtain a variety of materials. The rarity of the material you will receive is determined by your level. The higher your level, the better the materials. As a result, make an effort to complete as much of Cube Miracle as possible.

Cost of Relic Fusion 

Relic power fusion
  • 40 Basic materials can be fused into a 4-Star Relic
  • 50 Fair materials can be fused into a random 5-Star Relic
  • 60 Strong materials can be fused into a random 6-Star Relic.

Each lower grade material can be combined to create a higher grade material. For example, you’ll need three basic materials to make one fair material and three fair materials to make one strong material. If you need more free items you can always use Dislyte gift codes and do not forget to check out Dislyte PC version.

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