Ritual Miracle Guide Dislyte

Ritual Miracle Guide Dislyte

Ritual Miracle is a palace in Dislyte where you will battle 3 different bosses, Kronos, Fafnir and Apep. A ritual miracle is an incredible place for gathering relics to equip on your espers. Higher difficulty bosses provide better relics.

A ritual miracle is a place where you must complete in order to obtain strong relics if you want to have strong espers. Each boss has ten difficulty levels, and the higher the level of difficulty you complete, the better the rewards you will receive.

Kronos will drop the following relics: Wind Walker, Master Grove, Astral Witchcraft, Sword, Avatara, Adamantine, and Jupiter’s Wrath.

Neptunian Waves, Stone VeinsFiery Incandescence, Abiding Panacea, Apollo’s Bow, and Hades are among the relics that Apep will drop.

To make Ritual Miracle easier to complete, use our Dislyte tier list, which allows you to sort espers by game mode.


Kronos in dislyte

Kronos is a boss from whom you can obtain Wind Walker, Master Grove, Astral Witchcraft, Sword, Avatara, Adamantine, and Wrath of Jupiter relics to equip on your espers.

Kronos possesses powerful abilities that will inflict damage on all of your espers at the same time. But that is not the most serious issue. He will go after the esper on your team with the least amount of health. Kronos will do more damage if he attacks with fewer damage espers. Furthermore, if the esper he attacked dies, he will gain one extra turn. This can be devastating, and you could quickly lose a match.

Team composition against Kronos

Because Kronos has a low Resist and a small amount of SPD, the best team to use against him is one with AP Down and SPD Down. Teams that contain AP down and SPD down will block Kronos, preventing him from casting a single ability.

Esper, who will serve as captain, must have strong AP skills, similar to Melanie and Sander. You will use two more control/support espers, while others will use DPS espers capable of dealing massive damage. This team composition will enable you to control Kronos and kill him quickly.

If you do not have any espers with control abilities, it is best to use a basic formation of two strong DPS and three healers. It’s difficult to tell you exactly what espers you need to use because you won’t have them,  Checking the tier list will allow you to put together a great team with the espers that you have.

Best espers formation for Kronos

Best espers formation for Kronos

If you are a new player, you will have a difficult time defeating all Krono’s difficulties. You’ll need to level up and equip your espers. You will also need to use the best team formations and espers.

As a new player, you can use Moan, Chang Pu, Helen, Drew, and Q, but as you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock stronger espers. Because there are so many espers in Dislyte, it’s difficult to say what to use against Kronos, but you must have at least two AOE healers if you want to defeat him. Check out our dislyte tier list to see which epser is best against Kronos.

Kronos skills

  • Death Knell (Passive)- The lower the target’s current HP, the higher the damage dealt by this attack. If this attack slays the target, it grants an extra turn.
  • Earth Shaker- Channels all of Kronos’ energies into an attack against all enemies. Then launches a severe strike against the enemy with the least health percentage and inflicts Stun for 1 turn.
  • Suppression-Tablet Damages all enemies once. Has a chance to inflict Stun for 1 turn.
  • Blessing Tablet-Purifies all debuffs from the Boss and boosts their AP.


Apep in dislyte

Apep is similar to Kronos in that it is difficult to defeat as a new player. Apep has a lot of poison damage that he can stack over time and do a lot of damage with. To defeat Apep, you will need to use two healers to keep your DPS espers alive. It would also be ideal if you used espers with dispelling skills and immunity buffs. Higher levels will be difficult to complete if you do not have a team.

Neptunian Waves, Stone VeinsFiery Incandescence, Abiding Panacea, Apollo’s Bow, and Hade’s relics will be dropped by Apep.

Team composition against Apep

Apep is stronger and more difficult to defeat than Kronos, but you will be able to form an effective team against him. You want to use two DPS with high damage and three espers with dispelled, healing, and immunity.

Apep's best espers formation

Apep Skills

  • Miasma- Attacks all enemies, and inflicts 2 Poison debuffs for 2 turns.
  • Toxic Detonation- Attacks all enemies, and detonates all Poison debuffs.
  • Chaos Surging (Passive)- Receiving damage inflicts a Poison debuff on the attack, lasting 3 turns. Triggers Toxic Detonation on targets immediately when receiving a certain number of attacks.
  • Blessing Tablet- Attacks all enemies. Has a chance to Stun targets affected by Poison.
  • Suppression Tablet- Attacks an enemy once and dispels their buffs.


Fafnir is the hardest boss in Ritual Miracle and will be difficult to defeat without good Espers and relics. So, if you get destroyed, double-check your team composition and the strength of your espers against Fafnir. You will eventually gain good espers and be able to complete all of Fafnir’s difficulties.

Fafnir is a tough boss with 5 health bars. Fafnir will gain a Shield that can be broken by attacking every time one of his health bars is destroyed. Esper will become Freezed if he destroys one health bar. If the shield is activated and Fafnir has turned to attack she will use a skill called Dragon Curse that will attack frozen esper. If Esper dies from the Fafnir dragon curse skill he will get buffs that will increase damage.

Team composition against Fafnir

The team composition that you will use against Fafnir is focused on surviving attacks. Espers that you will use against Fafnir must have passive defiance buffing and debuff cleansing. It is recommended to use 1-2 DPS and 3-4 support espers to keep your team alive and provide defense, cleanse, and immunity buffs. Examine the tier list to see which espers are effective against Fafnir.

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