Dislyte Shop Guide And What Items To Buy

Dislyte Shops Guide

Dislyte shops are a great place to spend your gold and nexus crystals and get items that will help you progress. You should visit the shop in Dislyte on a regular basis and plan what you will buy. If you’re a free-to-play player, there are some items you shouldn’t buy.

Dislyte’s shop is divided into four sections:

  • E-cash shop
  • Friendship shop
  • Tournament shop
  • Cube shop

Each section will have a different refresh time and a different currency. Also, the items you can purchase from it vary, so you must plan ahead of time what you will purchase if you want to get the most value.

Gold shop

E-cash shop

This is the first area of the store where you will use your gold. Most of the items here are now extremely expensive, and if you are a free-to-play player, you should avoid purchasing relics. They are simply overpriced and overvalued. The majority of them will be obtained simply by playing and progressing through the game. Another issue with relics when buying them in an gold shop is that you don’t know what attributes you’ll get.

The Gold shop will be refreshed every 8 hours and can be refreshed manually. It will cost you 50 nexus crystals to refresh it, which is not worthwhile if you are a low-spender or free-to-play player. You can also refresh it 10 times per day.

Friendship shop

Friendship shop

A friendship shop is a location where you can spend your friendship points to purchase items. You can not refresh the friendship shop manually. The friendship shop is restocked every Monday, so you’ll have plenty of time to buy everything. You should prioritize stamina points and because you will use stamina for everything in dislyte and it will help you progress faster. Also do not forget to purchase a Random Wish Sticker which you will be able to use in Club Wishes.

Also, keep in mind that you have a limit of 1000 friendship points that you can hold, so spend them before you reach the limit.

Tournament shop

Tournament shop

The tournament shop in Dislyte is a great place to get items like Abilimon and divina, which will improve and level up espers’ abilities. In the tournament shop, you will spend your supply voucher that you can obtain with PVP-ing. Now they are relatively hard to obtain so you will want to be careful how you spend them.

For new players, we recommend focusing on purchasing epic and legendary Abilimon so that you can upgrade your ability levels from your espers and get gold records. When you purchase them all you can purchase nexus crystals.

Later in the game, when you reach the end game, you should concentrate on legendary Abilimon so you can upgrade legendary espers’ abilities and get 5-star divina so you can level up your espers as quickly as possible.

The tournament shop cannot be manually refreshed. Every Monday, the tournament shop is refreshed, and you can repurchase items. Simply be careful and plan ahead of time what you will purchase in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Cube shop

Cube shop

The Cube Shop in Dislyte is the best place to level up your espers’ skills, especially if you are a new player. In the cube shop, you will spend the cube points and cube stones that you can obtain from exploring cube miracle.

It is relatively simple to determine which items are the best from cube shops. If you are a new player, you will want to purchase gold records all rare abilimon. Because all of your espers will be rare, it is ideal for improving your esper skills and allowing you to progress more quickly.

When you start getting epic espers, you’ll start buying epic spirmon so you can level up your epic espers.

With cube stones, you will be able to purchase relics and we can not recommend what is the best for you. It depends on what espers you have.

The issue with the cube shop is that it is refreshed every 14 days and cannot be manually refreshed. So, if you have extra cube points, you should use them all.

Club Shop

You can buy a wide range of items in a club shop, but not all of them are valuable. To make a purchase in the Clube shop, you must get Clube points that can be earned through various Club activities. The best deal will get you Gold records, XP boost, and Melanie Ripple x5, which is great if you don’t already have her.


Dislyte’s shops are a great place to boost your progress and espers. It will be very useful to you, and you should check it on a regular basis, especially on Mondays when most stores are refreshed. Also, be cautious of what you buy because the currencies you’ll need in the Dislyte shop are difficult to come by.

Hopefully, this guide was useful to you; please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. If you maxed out your shop you can get more free items with Dislyte redeem codes by following a few simple steps.

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