Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower Guide: Level 100 Guide Dislyte

Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower Guide

Spatial Tower is a Dislyte game mode in which you fight against enemy comps for insanely good rewards. Spatial Tower has 100 levels that you will easily complete; you just need to spend a little more time setting up your esper team.

It makes no difference how far you advance in Dislyte; you must try to complete all stages because the rewards are good.

Each level of the Spatial Tower that you complete will award you with rewards, and every 10 floors that you complete will award you with premium rewards. When you complete level 100 floor, you will receive the esper Donar, which is extremely powerful and valuable.

When you finish all 100 levels of Spatial Tower, it will transform into Temporal Tower, which will have 50 levels of flowers. Temporal Tower will last one month, giving you plenty of time to complete it. Make sure you give your all because the rewards are fantastic. Don’t forget to redeem all Dislyte gift codes for fantastic rewards.

Spatial Tower Rewards dislyte

Spatial Tower Rewards

Tower Level Rewards
10 Gold Record x1
204-star Starimon x2
30Gold Record x2
40Epic Spirimon x2
50Gold Record x2
605-star Starimon x2
70Gold Record x3
806-star Wind Walker Set
90Gold Record x3
100Donar (Thor)

Team composition for Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower

It is best to use espers with high AOE cleave damage to complete the majority of the floors. You may need to edit your team at times, but overall high DPS and AOE teams will be enough. When you’re fighting, prioritize healers.

Floor 100 Guide Spatial Tower

Floor 100 Guide Spatial Tower 1

The boss on Floor 100 of Spatial Tower is quite powerful and has a lot of mechanics, so defeating it will be difficult, but it is possible. The team composition for completing Spatial Tower will consist of two strong AOE Espers and three healers or supports who will buff DPS espers.

  • AOE Espers: Lin Xiao, Narmer, Li Ling, Tang Xuan, Hyde, Mona
  • Healer Espers: Chang Pu, Sally, Asenath, Clara, Berenice, Heng Yue
  • Support Espers: Gabrielle, Unky Chai, Ye Suhua, Catherine, Fabrice

You can check Dislyte Tier List to see what espers are performing best in Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower.

Boss skills are complicated and difficult to understand. The first skill of the boss will cause DEF Down, which is not a problem.

The boss’s second skill attacks all espers four times, reducing their action points while giving himself DEF Up and shielding his followers.

Boss third skill- this skill is activated if one of the boss’s followers has a shield. When this skill is activated, it attacks all espers three times. Furthermore, with each attack Boss has a chance to buff dispelled and hit one esper with damage that shields have absorbed. He will be stunned if his followers do not have shields.

The left follower attacks all Espers and increases boss AP. If the left follower has a shield activated, his attacks stun. If the left follower is alive, he will give the boss SPD; if he is dead, the boss will receive ATK.

The right follower will also attack all Epsers and inflict ATK Down buff. He will also inflict HP Ceiling if he has a shield. If the right follower is alive, the boss gains Lifesteal, and if the right follower dies, the boss gains extra ATK.

Hopefully, you now understand how Boss and Boss followers operate. You must now carefully plan your attack and how you will use espers skills, or you will be unable to defeat floor 1– in Spatial Tower.

The first step is to save all of your AOE abilities until the boss has used his Second skill, as you will be using AOE to clear shields that the boss will give to his followers.

You should use all defensive buffs and skills you have before the boss uses his second skill because you don’t want to take damage, which can be critical. Also, if you have Immunity, use it.

After the boss uses his second skill, he will give his follower a shield. At this point, you should use AOE damage and other types of DPS to break minions’ shields. When you break minions’ shields, the boss is stunned and you can do a lot of damage to him.

Just make sure not to kill the Right minion because he will give the Boss a lot of buffs and you will have a hard time. Overall, the above is a basic tactic that can vary slightly depending on the espers and composition used. Take your time and experiment; you will eventually be able to complete level 100.

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