Dislyte Stamina Guide: How to get Stamina

Dislyte Stamina Guide: How to get Stamina

In Dislyte, stamina is energy that you will use to complete various tasks and game modes that will reward you with items, experience, and so on. Basically, you will use stamina for everything, with the exception of PVP in Point War and Arena.

How to get more stamina

You will need stamina every day in Dislyte, so you should know how to get as much of it as possible. You will not be able to farm it, but you will be able to get it by completing some tasks, and events, purchasing it with nexus crystals, getting it from packs and you have daily stamina recovery.

Stamina Recovery

There is basic stamina recovery, and you must wait 14 hours to replenish your stamina bar. There is currently no way to improve stamina recovery, but there will be in the future. Just make sure you don’t let your Stamina bar fill up completely, or you won’t be able to regain stamina over a limit, which will slow down your progress.

Purchasing Stamina with nexus crystals

You can buy stamina ten times per day. You can get 60 stamina for 100 nexus crystals, which is not a great deal, and it is probably best to avoid doing it and save your nexus crystals for other things.

Stamina from Packs

Stamina from Packs

When you go to the plaza in Dislyte, you will notice that you can buy stamina packs. The value of packs containing stamina is insanely tribble, and you should avoid them. It is preferable to buy other packs that contain abilimon and gold records.

Events that drop stamina

There were currently few events in Dislyte that included stamina as a reward. The game is still in its early stages, and more events containing stamina points will be added in the future. Simply keep an eye on them.

Be cautious when gaining stamina from an event because many of them are time-limited, which means you must use them for a set period of time. Typically, that time is 7 days, and you must use them within that time frame or they will be removed.

You can check this by going to your inventory and looking for a clock icon on the stamina supply pack. That means they have an expiration time, and you can check when it expires by clicking on them.

Don’t forget about your daily quests, which include stamina as a reward.

Purchasing stamina from shops

Purchasing stamina from shops

There are many different shops in Dislyte, and most of them sell stamina. In most cases, you will get a better deal if you buy other items rather than stamina in stores. You should only purchase stamina if you really need it; otherwise, avoid it.

Stamina from codes

When you redeem Dislyte codes, there is a chance that you will gain stamina. There is currently one code that gives stamina, but there will be more in the future, so keep an eye on them and redeem all of them not only because they can give stamina, but also because they contain other great rewards that will definitely help you out.

Problem with stamina

Dislyte is a new game with a lot of new players who are enjoying it. The issue is that stamina limits how much content they can produce each day. We already know that stamina is required to complete Dislyte in-game content, but the ways to obtain it are limited. This means that you will spend it and have nothing to do with the game. You must wait for stamina recovery to replenish your bar. This system isn’t too bad, so players don’t rush through content, but there are only a few ways to gain stamina so overall playtime per day is low, which frustrates players. They want to play games but are unable to do so.


In Dislyte, stamina is one of the most important resources, and it is required in almost all content. The issue is that there are only a few ways to obtain it, leaving players stuck with progression and unable to play the game due to a lack of stamina.

Almost every method of gaining stamina in Dislyte is ineffective. It is prohibitively expensive. The best thing you can do is spend your daily stamina, so go to every event that has stamina as a reward, do daily quests, and never let your stamina bar fill up. Also, watch how you spend stamina, and read our guide on how to progress faster in Dislyte.

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