Dislyte Starimon Guide and How to Get Starimon

Starimon Guide and How To Obtain It

In Dislyte, a Starimon is a type of item that you will use to increase Esper’s stars, which will increase the level cap and give Esper more stats. Starimons are much easier to obtain than Abilimon, but you must be careful how you use them.

Legendary Starimon, Epic Starimon, and Rare Starimon are the three different rarities of Starimon.

If you are a new player, you must be cautious about how you use your Starimon because they are not easy to obtain, especially Legendary Starimon. To be safe, choose the two best Espers in Dislyte to avoid wasting your Starimon on bad heroes. Also, never upgrade random espers you’ll never use.

How to get Starimon

How to get Starimon

Legendary Starimon– 1 legendary Starimon from the Tournament Shop each week, Achievements, Course rewards.

When it comes to Epic and Rare Starimon, they are not difficult to obtain, but you must be careful how you use them.  Each week, you can obtain them from the Tournament shop, as well as from achievements, Bounties, Expedition, Course rewards, Events, as well as Dislyte Codes, and so on.

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