Dislyte User Interface Guide

Dislyte User Interface Guide

The interface in Dislyte is relatively simple and easy to use, but if you are a new player, you may have difficulty finding what you are looking for at times. We will explain what each building does in this guide so you can easily navigate the game.

Dislyte is divided into three scrollable sections. The first is the Club, the second is the City, and the third is where you will do PVP battles.


In Dislyte, you will open your silver and gold records in Echo. You will receive random espers by opening them. Gold records will give you 3-5 star espers while silver records will give you 2-3 star espers.

The Plaza

The plaza is located in Dislyte and will allow you to purchase bundles and packs for real money. There is also a section in the plaza where you can purchase items using nexus crystals.


Dislyte Trials

Trials are where you will spend the majority of your time in Dislyte. There, you will play various game modes and battle bosses and enemies to earn great rewards such as gold records and nexus crystals.


A story is a location where you will find various chapters and spend a significant amount of time as a new player in order to obtain all free rewards. After completing all chapters, you will be able to farm experience in Story mode.


Bounties are an excellent way to obtain free Rewards. You will be able to complete three bounties per day, so make sure you do so because the rewards are fantastic.


Atlas is a place where you can see a list of all the espers in Dislyte, their abilities, models, stories, and so on.

Jellyfish that floats

Dislyte Jellyfish that floats

When you click on a floating Jellyfish, you will be able to see all of the Dislyte Soundtracks and change the song that is currently playing.

War Room

You will be able to fuse relics and espers in the War Room. This isn’t as important at first, but you’ll want to use it as much as possible later on because it’s a great way to make strong Espers.

DJ Contest

Dj Contest in Dislyte is a small game mode that is fun and not too difficult to complete. When you finish it, you will receive fantastic rewards.

Arena and Points of Conflict

Arena and Point War are fantastic places to earn free rewards and challenge other players. You can earn a lot of great rewards by fighting other players’ espers.

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