Dislyte User Profile Guide

Dislyte User Profile Guide

In Dislyte, your User Profile is where you can find all of your account information, change settings, and redeem gift codes. User Profile is located in the top left corner of your screen. When you tap on your user profile, you will be taken to two sections: Squad Space and Settings.

Top Espers Section

You will be able to show your best espers in the top espers section, and their players will be able to see it when they click on your profile. Simply click on an empty space to add the best espers you have or like.

Best Records

Is the palace where you find your best time and difficulty you achieved in Ritual Miracle, Sonic Miracle, and Infinite Miracle.


Dislyte Settings

There is a different option that you can find in the settings

Audio- A location where you can change the music settings and SFX to a level that you prefer or completely mute the game. It is entirely up to you.

Chat- This chat setting is critical. When you disable it, you will no longer see messages at the top of your screen while in the base. This is a fantastic option because those messages can be extremely irritating.

Graphics- In this section, you can customize the appearance of the game. If your phone is lagging in Dislyte, try lowering your graphic settings here, or download Dislyte on PC to play the game in full quality.


Dislyte Service

In the service section, you will find a variety of useful options and buttons, each with its own function.

Notifications- This is where you can customize the game’s notifications. You will not receive notifications if you disable them.

The account service section is crucial, and you must exercise caution when using it.

Account Service- This is the location where you will connect your Dislyte account to your email or Facebook. You have to do it so you do not lose your progression. Do it as soon as possible.

Change server- Here you can change the server on which you are currently playing. This is a fantastic feature because there’s a chance your server is underpopulated or you want to play on the server with a friend.

When you click on Initialization and confirm, all of your game data will be deleted. Essentially, you will reroll your dislyte account and begin again.

Game Service

Because of Support and Gift Codes, the game service section is essential.

Support- If you have any issues with your account, you can contact customer service here. When you send a question to customer service, they usually respond within one day.

Gift Codes- By clicking on it, you will be able to enter and redeem Dislyte gift codes, so do so as soon as possible. Each gift is time-limited, which means it will expire after a certain period of time.

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