Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Comps Guide

Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Comps Guide

In Disney Mirrorverse you can use 3 different guardians per battle so it is crucial to know how to build the best team composition. There are a lot of different guardians in Disney Mirrorverse which is a problem. You will have a hard time creating the best possible composition and it is almost impossible to create a perfect team. In order to build the best possible team in Disney Mirrorverse, you must take into consideration guardians that you have, what skills they have, talents, and what role they are. 

There are so many factors that are playing a role in creating the best possible team composition. Also, there is a high chance that you will not have the guardians that we are recommending. 

One more issue is that because your team composition works well in PVE it does not mean that it will be good against other players. The best advice that we can give you is to follow the Disney Mirrorverse tier list and see what guardians you have and use the best ones. In the beginning, it is best to use one support guardian, one tank guardian and one DPS guardian.

When you progress far enough you can start doing some other combinations like one tank 2 DPS. It is best that you test guardians and team comps by yourself because you will find out what works best for your playstyle. 

Under this, you will find some team compositions that you can use but it is best to test team compositions by yourself and always check what other players are using. 

Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Comps

Guardian 1Guardian 2Guardian 3
Oogie BoogieAladdinSkellington
Evil QueenUrsulaOogie

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