DragonHeir Silent Gods Best Artifact Tier List

DragonHeir Silent Gods Artifact Tier List

Welcome to the pivotal guide for mastering artifacts in the world of DragonHeir Silent Gods. This comprehensive analysis will serve as your beacon through the complexities of selecting the most formidable artifacts for your heroes. As artifacts hold the key to unleashing your characters’ latent potential, understanding their nuanced effects is paramount.

DPS Artifacts

Diving into the DPS artifacts, we unearth a variety of powerful tools. There’s an artifact that boosts your attack with a sheer increase in percentage, and another that ingeniously fuses attack prowess with speed.

Then, there’s the defensive artifact that surprisingly contributes to your attack, a testament to the intricate design of these ancient items. Artifacts that ratchet up your attack based on HP percentage, those that provide an HP boost concurrently with attack enhancements, and ones that sharpen your accuracy, all stand in the arena of choice.

Support Artifact

Turning our gaze to support artifacts, the Lunar Harpier and the Arrow distinguish themselves by enhancing skill-based buffs and debuffs. Meanwhile, artifacts such as the Trollheart, Banner of the Oath, and Lunar Harpier are the bulwark for support and tank characters. Conversely, the Traveler’s Headband and Stone Skin artifacts hold a more niche appeal, often overshadowed by their more consistently useful brethren.

DragonHeir Silent Gods Artifact Tier List

DragonHeir Silent Gods Artifact Tier List

NameRarityTier RatingStat 1Stat 2
Abyss Binder’s TorcLegendaryAAttackCrit Rate%
Air GlobeEpicCHPAccuracy
Ancestor’s BoneRareCAttackHP%
Ancestor’s CandleEpicAHPResistance
Antinaya’s TiaraEpicBDefenseEnlightenment
Arachnid Matriarch’s NeedlesLegendaryAAttackAccuracy
Arcane CubeEpicBAttackHP%
Arcane Music BoxEpicBAttackCrit Rate%
Arinna’s LightEpicCHPAccuracy
Aurelium VestLegendaryAHPDEF%
Banner of OathRareCDefenseHP%
Berserker MaskLegendaryAHPSkill Haste
Black Blood ScaleLegendaryAAttackCrit Damage%
Blessed Camel BellsLegendaryBHPEnlightenment
Blood Prince’s BraceletEpicCAttackHP%
Celestial Disk of FateLegendaryAAttackCrit Damage%
Crown of the UncleanEpicADefenseAccuracy
Dancing GyroRareADefenseATK%
Dark Corpse PuppetLegendaryBHPATK%
Dawn Pipe OrganLegendaryAAttackATK%
Dragon God PearlLegendaryCAttackCrit Damage%
Drugo’s Blast JarLegendaryAHPDEF%
Effigy of Divine EarsEpicBDefenseATK%
Elven Hunter’s QuiverRareADefenseHP%
Esoteric Pearl NecklaceLegendarySAttackATK%
Eternal SnowLegendaryBAttackCrit Rate%
Eyeball of the GiantEpicAAttackATK%
Flame GlobeEpicCHPAccuracy
FlametoungueLegendaryAAttackCrit Rate%
Flute of “The King”LegendaryBAttackCrit Rate%
Frost GlobeEpicCHPAccuracy
Gatekeeper’s StaffLegendaryADefenseSkill Haste
Goblet of Dragon BloodEpicAAttackAttack Speed%
God of War’s Blessed BeltLegendaryBAttackATK%
Great Demon’s SkullLegendaryAAttackCrit Rate%
Great River LampLegendaryBAttackCrit Damage%
Great Traveler’s HeadbandRareCDefenseHP%
Harpy’s NailEpicAAttackATK%
Heor’s LaurelLegendaryAHPATK%
Horn of the Labryinth LordRareCAttackAttack Speed%
Hysteria Pan FluteLegendaryBAttackCrit Damage%
Illuya’s FangEpicCHPAccuracy
Iron Maiden of Blackened VisageLegendaryAHPAccuracy
Ivaran’s ArrowRareCDefenseAccuracy
Lantern of the DeadLegendaryBATtackAtk%
Life SpindleEpicADefenseHP%
Lucky Playing CardsLegendaryBAttackATK%
Luminary Order GospelRareADefenseHP%
Lunar HarpRareCHPAccuracy
Manticore StatueEpicBAttackATK%
Mark of Ice CalamityLegendaryBAttackAccuracy
Mask of the LarkEpicBHPDEF%
Mediator’s PipeRareBAttackAccuracy
Mirror of the LivingEpicADefenseHP%
Neptune PearlLegendaryCDefenseResistance
Nightfall PalliumLegendaryAAttackEnlightenment
One-eyed Crow MaskLegendaryAAttackAttack Speed%
Orb of OblivionEpicCHPAccuracy
Parasol of ParadiseLegendaryBDefenseHP%
Phoenix FeatherEpicCAttackDEF%
Platinum Knight ShieldEpicADefenseHP%
Queen’s FanLegendaryBAttackATK%
Ri’kir Poison DartLegendaryBAttackEnlightenment
Rift HourglassLegendaryAHPSkill Haste
Ring of the Scarlet SorcererLegendaryAAttackCrit Damage%
Scarab AmuletEpicBHPDEF%
Silverstar HorseshoeEpicAAttackCrit Damage%
Solar King’s HornLegendaryADefenseHP%
Spiritual Incense BurnerEpicAHPAccuracy
Statue of the Serpent DeityLegendaryAAttackEnlightenment
Stone CloakRareBHPDEF%
Supreme Platinum AmuletLegendaryCDefenseHP%
Thunder Deity’s SpearLegendaryBAttackCrit Damage%
Troll’s HarpRareCDefenseResistance
Vile InkEpicSAttackAtk%
Volcanic DiscRareAHPATK%
Wintersun RingLegendaryAAttackCrit Rate%
Witch’s RemainsLegendaryAHPAccuracy

When you are done with the artifact tier list, make sure that you check out the list of the best heroes in DragonHeir Silent Gods and read all DragonHeir Silent Gods codes.

Accessing High-Tier Artifacts

Accessing High-Tier Artifacts

Embarking on the journey through DragonHeir Silent Gods, one discovers that upon the completion of Chapter Four, the gates to acquiring an elite DPS artifact swing wide open. This artifact, renowned for its prowess, is a game-changer for those looking to dominate in combat.

The strategy in upgrading artifacts lies in aligning them with the unique strengths and combat styles of your heroes. Adapting your artifact choice to fit the evolving dynamics of your team composition and the challenges that the game throws at you is not just recommended, it’s vital for triumph in DragonHeir Silent Gods.

Prerequisites for Using Artifacts

Before one can wield the power of artifacts, reaching at least rank level three is a non-negotiable requirement. Furthermore, the enhancement of these artifacts isn’t a simple task. It demands resources obtained from duplicate heroes, embedding a layer of strategy in resource management.

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