Drizzt Build Dragonheir Silent Gods

Drizzt Build Dragonheir Silent Gods

Rarity: Legendary

Type: Frost

Element: Ice

Attack Range: Melee


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PVP: ★★★☆☆
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Overall: ★★★☆☆

Drizzt Info

Drizzt is a Ice element legendary hero in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Drizzt is a hero who deals ice damage from the melee range. Currently, he is rated as a Tier B hero, so feel free to use him uintil you get better heroes. Drizzt is type of hero is good at inflicting Frost. They gain additional skill effects when they successfully inflict Frost or hit an enemy inflicted with Frost. Specializes in dealing a great amount of damage directly to enemies. Specializes in utilizing the enemy’s Frost debuff to boost damage.

There are a lot of different pieces of equipment, stats, and artifacts in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Not all of them are great for Drizzt. Down below, you will find all the information that you need to have the best build for Drizzt.

Drizzt Skills

Captain Captain

When taking fatal damage for the first time, the hero is immune to this death and dispels all Control and debuffs. Then raises up the shield and stops attacking, gaining Control Immunity, Invincibilityand 2 stacks of Recovery Over Timefor 5.0s

Planar Ally

Guenhwyvar fights alongside Drizzt. When the pair attack the same enemy, both of them gain Planar Ally. Guenhwyvar Basic attacks deal Cold Damage to the target and enemies within 2 tiles from the target. Guenhwyvar pounces at intervals, dealing Cold Damage to the target and enemies around them. Pounces prioritize the enemy Drizzt is attacking.

Dual Wielder

Swings both Twinkle and Icingdeath, dealing Cold Damage to enemies within range, with a 50% chance of inflicting them with Frost for 10.0s. Each use of this skill will increase the number of hits for the next use, up to 3 hits.

Dance of the Wind

Guenhwyvar and Drizzt unleash a total of 6 hits on enemies within range, each dealing Cold Damage. For enemies inflicted with Frost, this skill ignores 15% of their Defense. For every 1% of HP lost by the target, the damage is increased by 0.6% , up to 30%

Drizzt Gear

If you do not have the gear set that we recommend for Drizzt, then you can use the best gear that you have with the correct stats for him. You can find below what the best stats are for him.

  • Gambler

Drizzt Artifacts

  • Elven Hunter’s Quiver
  • Volcanic Disc
  • Eyeball of the Giant

Best Drizzt Stats

  • ATK%
  • C.RATE
  • C.DMG%

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