Garrika Build Dragonheir Silent Gods

Garrika Build Dragonheir Silent Gods

Rarity: Legendary

Type: Support

Element: Fire

Attack Range: Melee


4/5 - (1 vote)

PVP: ★★★★☆
PVE: ★★☆☆☆
Overall: ★★★★☆

Garrika Info

Garrika is a fire element legendary hero in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Garrika is a hero who deals fire damage melee range. Currently, she is rated as a Tier A hero, so feel free to use her on your team but only for PVP, do not use her for PVE content. Garrika is type of hero is good at boosting allies’ power or weakening enemies’ power.

There are a lot of different pieces of equipment, stats, and artifacts in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Not all of them are great for Garrika. Down below, you will find all the information that you need to have the best build for Garrika.

Garrika Skills

Captain Captain

Increases all allies’ Accuracy by 65.0 in Grand Gladiator Arena battles.

War Gods Gift War Gods Gift

Gains Ultimate Energy by 10% when an enemy gains a buff. When inflicting debuffs, reduces 25% Ultimate Energy of the target.

Searing Smite Searing Smite

Deals Fire Damage to enemies within range, with a 75% chance of inflicting Accuracy Penalty II for 5.0s.

Commander's Toss Commander’s Toss

Grants Accuracy Bonus II to all allies for 10.0s, and then deals Fire Damage to enemies within range, with a 75% chance of dispelling 1 buffs from them. There is also a 75% chance of additionally inflicting Buff Prohibition on them for 10.0s.

Garrika Gear

If you do not have the gear set that we recommend for Garrika, then you can use the best gear that you have with the correct stats for her. You can find below what the best stats are for her.

  • Piece Troll
  • Three Ears

Garrika Artifacts

  • Lunar Harp
  • Crown of the Unclean
  • Witch’s Remains

Best Garrika Stats

  • ATK%
  • DEF%
  • HP%

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