Dragonheir Silent Gods: How to Get Gems and Gold Dice (Heliolite)

Dragonheir Silent Gods How to Get Gems and Gold Dice (Heliolite)

Dragonheir Silent Gods isn’t just another game; it’s where gems and items really make a difference. Gems, super important in this world, unlock rewards and stuff you need to get ahead. And then there’s the gold dice, called Heliolite, which everyone’s after because they’re so valuable.

Sources of Gems in the Game

Sources of Gems in the Game

Daily Sources of Gems:

Every day throws new chances at you to grab more gems. Joining in on the Daily Alliance Rally could net you 280 gems weekly. Tackling the Vortex Boss event might give you up to 315 gems a week if you’re hitting big points. Don’t miss daily logins; there’s 50 gems waiting every 7 days. Battle it out in the Ace Challenger event for 60 gems weekly, and hammer out those daily commission quests for another 120 gems. Plus, the free battle pass tacks on 50 gems a week.

Weekly Sources of Gems

Looking at the week as a whole, there’s a bunch of events that can boost your gem stash. The Arena and Team Arena are good places to start. Don’t forget about the Fortune Seeker event in dungeons, handing out 90 gems each week. Guild vs. Guild fights adjust your gem count based on how you rank. Side quests are hidden gems (pun intended), potentially offering around 350 gems.

Usage of Gems in Dragonheir Silent Gods

With the tricks to getting gems down, let’s talk about spending them. You could be pulling in about 5050 gems weekly, but realistically, combining all sources, you’re looking at 1290 gems. That’s enough to get three gold dice weekly, with 240 gems left over. Save those for stamina recharges to keep playing and progressing.

Gold Dice (Heliolite) in the Dragonheir Silent Gods

Gold Dice in the Dragonheir Silent Gods

Gold dice, or Heliolite, are big deals here. But they’re not easy to come by. Looking at the math, you could get up to 12 gold dice a month just from using gems. Add in side quest rewards, and you’re up to 16. Here’s the kicker: you need 35 gold dice to hit the legendary items through the game’s pity system. Over a season, you can gather around 48 gold dice. But for the hardcore players, even that might not be enough considering the rewards on the line.

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